Friday Tidbits {a few fun finds including a Ritual Cleanse Coupon Code}

Hello friends.  Today I have three cool things to share.  A Ritual Cleanse Coupon Code, ear plugs and glossy goodness.  Quite random, I know.  That’s okay, it’s Friday.



First up, Ritual Cleanse Coupon Code.  I’ve done it twice and my liver loved it.  You can read all about it over here, Ritual Cleanse {Coupon Code Included} Shop Talk.  Today, I have a gift for you.  A Coupon Code off your next purchase of Ritual Cleanse.  Save 20% by entering coupon Code STYLEWEEK. Valid Through 11.30.11.  Last week I went to OC Style Week at the Irvine Spectrum.  I’ll share with you all the fancy details next week.  Promise.  But for now, this was a parting gift which I felt some of you may enjoy. (Psst: go with the Seasonal Reset, you get a bonus flavor to mix things up) Here is their website :


Hearos Ear Plugs

Next, Ear Plugs.  On the concert tour last week, this was one thing that saved my bootie.  For goodness sakes, I was up close and personal with an eleventy-trillion-mega-hertz speaker.  The beloved Lindsey had found these new plugs at Gelson’s and handed me a pair.  What are these? I asked.  Good ear plugs, silicon Hearos, was the answer. Hearos are “pre-rolled”, resembling a little pearl.  These babies take all the guess-work out of getting them properly installed in your ear.  You just remove the silicone “pearl” from the package and mold it over your ear canal.  They shape to the ear and can block out up to 21 decibels from John Taylor’s base guitar.  Super comfortable, I almost forgot I had them in.  If there isn’t a Gelson’s near you, I found mine over HERE AT AMAZON.

And to round things out,

Patent Leather, it is my weakness.  There were a few new arrivals over at Kate Spade this week.

Kea shoe Kate Spade

Red Patent Leather Shoes, oh jumpy claps. These darlings would pair splendidly with a little black dress.

Kate Spade Fanfare Purse

Shiny handbag to die for.

I am making my holiday wish list for Santa.  Mr. Kringle are you friends with Ms. Spade?  Hope so.

Have a great weekend friends.



  1. Love Love Love it all!!! I saw those Kate Spade shoes and sighed! Love the Mary Jane look. Wear them proudly for me!! My feet are envious! 😉

  2. I am really considering doing that Ritual Cleanse. Really. I’ll need your support though! ; )
    Mama Maryq recent posted..jillian michaels and my junior bingo wings

  3. I can’t get the coupon code to work. Can you verify it’s correct. Thanks

  4. Jenny Liang says

    OMG THANK YOU for the Ritual Cleanse Code. I’ve been wanting to try it and with the code it makes it SO much more affordable. YOU MADE MY WEEK!!! THAAAAAAAAANKS

  5. Thank you for the post! Definitely motivated me to go forward and do the Ritual Cleanse. Would love to hear an update on the coupon code as I was hoping to order soon and start next week.

  6. Thanks Kathleen! I’m going to “reset” next week too (after Thanksgiving). Happy Thanksgiving!!

  7. Kathleen – how many times total have you done the cleanse? Any chance you have another promo code for the cleanse?!? 🙂

  8. i absolutely love the kate spade bag!

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