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ritual cleanseAre you shopping for a dietary cleanse?

Last December I was. I had a few extra pounds that had been gained during an over indulgent “relax and enjoy phase”. Yes, there I’ll take a side of French Fries with that please. I had heard about ‘cleanses’, sale but they made me wary. No solid food, coffee, or wine for how many days? Did you say three? I was scared; what kind of people can do that? I needed a cleanse that would taste great and still be healthy. The program also had to allow for stamina to exercise and keep me on my toes as a Mommy. Furthermore, I wanted to find a local Orange County company to provide this tall order. Another local Orange County Blogger, Shanna from My Favorite Everything, had shared that she had tried Ritual Cleanse and loved it. I seriously began contemplating a ‘cleanse’ and began my research.

St Pauls Vday-038Ritual Cleanse is a company began by Lori Kenyon and Marra St. Clair. Lori and Marra were workout partners and friends who “shared a passion for the concept of eating real food, that were free from additives, artificial flavors and processed chemicals”. Their business plan emerged from this passion, to create a superior fresh pressed juice cleanse. They based their business in Irvine because it was not only their home, but a hub of organically grown produce. Orange County gave them the luxury of frequently sourcing locally grown produce creating “a better way to cleanse”.

Ritual Cleanse is a100% organic raw juice program. The program gives you six fresh pressed pure vegetable, fruit, and nut juices a day. A single day of Ritual Reset has more than 15 lbs. of raw vegetables and fruit. I was excited to learn that if you workout you can add the Shred component with pre and post workout juices. They are specially formulated so you can maintain your workout regime without feeling annihilated.

Baroque - nightnam-5Talk about Fresh and Easy. To ensure supreme freshness, the day before your cleanse begins, juices are carefully pressed and bottled. They are then delivered to your doorstep by 8am or can be picked up from a convenient Orange County location. They also ship nationwide.

“The program is designed to include everyone form elite athletes to couch potatoes, raw foodies to fast foodies. The product provided vitamins and minerals that gently cleanse and heals the body”. Additionally the juices are packaged in environmentally sound materials, eco-conscious biodegradable bottles. I was sold.

I jumped right in. Let’s do this was my mantra. The juices tasted refreshing, clean and naturally sweet. The Post Shred and Drink #6 were creamy nut based drinks, think milkshake consistency. Both surprisingly delightful and even now I find myself craving them. The Spicy Lemonade comes in handy at 3pm to put a little zip back in your step. I was told to drink this one over ice with a straw. It is a zinger. Good Tip. All in all, the drink series is very tasty. I recommend trying the Seasonal Reset since it incorporates a wildcard juice flavor that changes based on seasonal availability.Baroque - nightnam-35

THE RESULTS: After “cleansing” for three days, with complete honesty, I felt increased mental clarity, relaxed, much lighter and dramatically improved eating habits. I hadn’t felt like that in years. My first cup of coffee following the cleanse was simply not appealing. This was shocking. I enjoyed the entire process and I am no longer wary of people who say they “cleanse”. No solid food, coffee, or wine for 3 days – next time I would do 5.

This is a brand new product. When you are not ‘cleansing’, you can supplement your daily diet by choosing any combo of 6 or 8 juices.

ritual cleanse daily juice

Spicy Lemonade, Sweet Green Red Energy, Pineapple Mint, Lavender Lemonade, Green Lemon, Green Ginger, Cashew Crunch, Carrot Ginger, and Almond Mylk.

For those who are interested in trying this Cleanse or Daily Juice Combo, Ritual Cleanse is offering 10% off to all my readers. Enter KSUGAR into the coupon code section of your order. Offer expires midnight, April 30th.

For more details about pick up locations and pricing, check out their website.

Ritual Cleanse www.ritualcleanse.com


twitter @ritualcleanse

Thanks Marra and Lori!



  1. Thanks for the info…I’be been looking at this company for a few weeks wondering if it was a good.choice. Now I know!

  2. Thanks for the info…but is there any caffeine or any other stimulants in the juice?

  3. This looks amazing! But man oh man, that’s pretty pricey. I love your review though, and love that they’re a local company 🙂

    • Rox hon, I do agree that the $$ seem like a lot to swallow. (pun intended). Then I did the math and considered what I spent on “normal” food on a daily basis. A little extra for my liver seemed do-able.

  4. Wow! I am so proud of you! I have always been scared of a cleanse! But it seems like it had great results for you. Would be nice to have some mental clarity & be more relaxed! And you should know as I am typing this I am drinking my coffee! Great post! xo

  5. I have been afraid to try a cleanse – but you make it sounds pretty easy. I had thought about making my own mixture, but I think this is safer. No sense in poisoning myself.

  6. I’m starting a ritual cleanse next Tuesday, directly following my extended Easter weekend in the desert. I have a feeling my body will be happy to oblige!


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