Whirlwind Weekend Recap with Duran Duran and Neon Trees

Press Passes for the Duran Duran and Neon Trees concert in San Diego.  We had them; Lindsey from Modchik Photography and myself.

The purpose of the Press Pass was to capture photos of fans for Duran Duran’s social media team.  These photos were then to be posted on Duran Duran’s Facebook Page.   The only interesting twist was that we had already planned a girls trip back in August to see the band in Vegas the very same weekend.

Do you see the dilemma?

We had a weekend planned in Vegas with the girls, leaving Friday morning with the destination being the Hard Rock Hotel.  We would see the show, eat, drink, then spa it out the rest of the weekend.  Sooo.  In order to be in San Diego on Saturday night to shoot the concert, we had to cut the girls trip short and leave the posse.  It was hard to say good-bye, but the supportive friends gave us high-fives and told us to make them proud.

Would you like to see some iPhone pics and a few of my favorite fan captures from Saturday night?

Come along, I’ll show you.


This pic was taken traveling 75 mph. The biker gang was giving the Modchik Mobile a little Sugar and Spice.  What in the heck is he doing with his hand?  About to blow a kiss.  Nice.


Baker. World’s largest broken Thermometer.


Arrival to Hard Rock.  Ohh look what I spy.


The tour bus.


Check in.

Duran Duran 001

Room key featuring the fellas.



Ordered Pink Tacos at Pink Tacos.

What makes them “Pink” were those pickled onions, and you can’t miss the side slab of avocado.  Really good eats.



Paired those tacos with a strong white sangria.

Thank you bartender.


Afterwards, we walked the halls admiring the rock star photography.  I began memorizing angles for Saturday night.  This was my favorite, Freddy from Queen.  How cool would it have been to take this photo?


Lightening storm arrived.  Pulled the iPhone camera out of its holster to capture a little electricity.  Caught it.  Tonight was going to be a good night.


The posse; showered, shaved and shining.


The concert.

Simon still has it friends.  His voice is as strong as ever.

Truly amazing to hear live.

35 in hard rock


Rolled our sore feet and throats into

+35 steaks and Martinis

A new restaurant in the Hard Rock Hotel which just opened last month, September 2, replacing Rare 120.  I’ll give it 5 stars.

Signature dishes include the Tomahawk Steak, a 35-day aged, 35-ounce prime steak. Who’s HOUNNGRY.  For smaller bites, the lounge offers specialty snacks into the evening.  Shrimp cocktail anyone?

This two best dishes ordered this evening….

    • Onion Soup – French Style Onion Soup with Rich Beef broth and 24 Hour Caramelized Onions, Brioche Crouton and Gruyere Cheese
    • Scallops – Seared U10Day Boat, Coconut Scented Potato Puree, Caramelized Pineapple, Shitake.  {This dish falls into the top 5 dishes I have ever had category}

Here is the link for The 35 Steaks and Martinis Menu, if you’re in town be sure to check it out and make a reservation.  Be prepared for many star sightings.

12:00 Lights out.


The next morning at Mr. Lucky’s – Huevos Rancheros with a side of waffles.  Our waiter snuggled with me before ordering.  People are real friendly like that in Vegas.


An ounce of gambling.


Then hit the ground running, to capture the next performance of Rio in San Diego.


5 hours later and a wee bit of traffic we checked in.

Press Passes were handed over in a secret white envelope.


We start talking to and photographing fans.  The energy was terrific, even I was a little giddy.   The excitement was palatable.  Look who we ran into.  Well hello sweet Mama Mary and Benji. (Click on Mary’s link for her fun recap).

Now let’s turn to some more fabulous fans.




Front Row, with his wife in a matching T-shirt. He was so proud to be there.


They were mesmerized, maybe even speechless.

Both bands sounded fantastic for the second night in a row.

For the sexy details about those Press Passes.  We staked out our positions next to the stage before Neon Trees played.  Then shot the first three songs, both band and fans alike.  It went incredibly fast.  We then re-grouped, checked our memory card usage, battery levels, etc. to do it all again for Duran Duran.   Watching Nick Rhodes (keyboards), Simon Le Bon (vocals), John Taylor (bass), Andy Taylor (guitar) and Roger Taylor (drums) smile back through the lens made me want to do it again.  Then again.

We jetted home and began uploading and downloading photos.  When Duran and Duran and Neon Trees agree to publication rights I’ll be able to share what I captured.  I can’t wait to show you what I have edited on my computer screen.  Good Heavens.

If you would like to see The Wild Boys, future dates and tour locations can be found by  CLICKING HERE.

I leave you today with a video from Neon Trees.   Thanks Tyler Glenn for holding real still and giving me that money shot.  Enjoy friends.


Les and Steph, hope we did you proud.




  1. Love your recap girl! And again I love your photos! Glad we ran into you, albeit briefly. What an awesome experience for you to photograph one of the world’s best bands. 😉 xoxoxo

  2. Why wasn’t I there!!!!

  3. Holy moly. I am floored. What an opportunity! Like Mary, I LOVE your photography. Can’t wait to see your band shots. They must be out of this world!!

  4. How did you get so lucky?!! What a whirlwind of an amazingly-fantastic weekend. I am officially living vicariously through you.
    Heather recent posted..Sister’s Weekend: Golden Gate Bridge

  5. You did NOT capture lightening with your iPhone?! REALLY?!?! I can’t tell you how jealous I am!!

    And you also got to hang with Mary. Jealous again.

    Oh, and the press passes?!?! Ugh. Forever jealous. 🙂
    Becca – Our Crazy Boys recent posted..#PurplePurse Events Across The Country!

  6. Yes, lightening with an iphone. Steve Job’s would be proud, huh? I can’t wait to share the Concert photos with you. I also have a real Canon Camera shot of the same lightening show. I’ll post that next week. Stay tuned, it’s a beauty. 🙂

  7. I am bitterly jealous, in the nicest way possible. (love your site too, btw!)
    Stef | we heart this recent posted..The Lipstick League – week of 10.10.11

    • Stef – Love how you also feel; Tom Ford makeup brushes are made of baby Unicorn eyelashes. That’s a lie. But they’re expuisite….from Neiman’s. Let’s be BFF.


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