Picture Day Project 365 {Days 213 to 235}

Summer has been in high gear, search moving at light speed.  Here is a glimpse at the first three weeks of August.  Oh yeah.  Each week an Orange County pic will be featured on OC Daily Photo.  It is a website for Orange County, California which features photography seven days a week from seven different photographers and their perspectives.  I’m their new “Monday Gal”.  Check it out over HERE.

This time around we are going to post 4×6’s instead of squares…. enjoy.

Beagle Brigade night time -017

Day 213 ~ 8/1 The tiger roses are happy in the summer sun.

Tri Tip-069

Day 214 ~ 8/2  Why are you burning the food Mama?

11-08-05 Blogher-045

Day 215 ~ 8/3 Let’s take this to San Diego. What a special champagne; caramel with bubbles.

11-08-05 Blogher-035

Day 216 ~ 8/4 Say Cheese. Nothing like stinky fingers with a Champagne Flute.

penny de los santso-099

Day 217 ~ 8/5 Penny de los Santos. What a great moment sandwiching her after a heartfelt photography session at BlogHer. Google her name to understand this moment better. Penny will you be my Mentor? pretty please…

11-07-06 Riebe Wed-089

Day 218 ~ 8/6 Jenna + Brent. My heart is overflowing.

11-07-06 Riebe Wed-104

Day 218 ~ 8/6 Daddy, we are so much alike. Thanks Dave for the pic.

Tri Tip-070

Day 219 ~ 8/7 Time to burn some more food.

Rachael Rossman Beagles-045

Day 220 ~ 8/8 I love the blue skies in her eyes.

Beagle Brigade night time -022

Day 221 ~ 8/9 Standing her ground.

St Pauls Summer-014

Day 222 ~ 8/10 Watering

Cream Corn with Feta and Cilantro-045

Day 223 ~ 8/11 This was taken from the kitchen sink. Locked out and making a stink about it. Food may have been involved.

11-08-06 Blogher-001

Day 224 ~ 8/12 Hello Gorgeous

Rachael Rossman Beagles-051

Day 225 ~ 8/13 Maddox oh grumpy Maddox

Blue Cheese Burger-140

Day 226 ~ 8/14 Blue Cheese Burgers with Caramelized Onions anyone?

Rachael Rossman Beagles-049

Day 227 ~ 8/15 Teenager.

Beagles August 045

Day 228 ~ 8/16 Velvet ears.

Beagles August 135

Day 229 ~ 8/17 New chicken roaster, love it. (post coming)

St Pauls Summer-016

Day 230 ~ 8/18 Buck up little camper.

Beagle Brigade night time -020

Day 231 ~ 8/19 It’s time to take this chair back from the beasts.

Del Mar Race Track-032

Day 232 ~ 8/20  Port Pizza can you come to my neighborhood?  I think about you and your mighty fine pizza pies hourly.

Del Mar Race Track-081

Go Horsey Go

Del Mar Race Track-070

Day 233 ~ 8/21 Take a seat.

lego store 027

Day 234 ~ 8/22 Downtown Disney.

Non-Dairy Pizza-074

Day 235 ~ 8/23 Not your average Pizza. (Post coming)

Enjoy your day friends,

and take a picture to remember it. ~xo


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  1. I love your photography. Always precious.

  2. Love day 216… My sunflowers look the same.
    Wendy recent posted..Instagram Friday

  3. That pizza looks divine. Cannot wait for the recipe. Love your August pics!

  4. Wow! What gorgeous shots! The dogs! And the coffee. And just so many precious moments captured. What a gift you have.
    Mama Mary recent posted..don’t mess with my clock

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