What NOT to Wear to a FlashMob

I know. I know. This post is supposed to be about what I wore last week.  A recap of fashion sorts.  Well, today is special.  BLOGHER special.  I do wish to capture the attire from last week, but I also want to heed a warning.  A bold warning. What NOT to Wear to a FlashMob

11-08-05 Blogher-055plusfeather lite nu bra plusflashmob SD GARRETT10

= Wardrobe Malfunction

The top was Vintage Trina Turk (3+ years).  It was light as a feather and oh SO shear.  The undergarment choice was made haphazardly.  I went with a Nu Bra so no straps would show if the silk halter neckline shifted.  Additionally, it would give nude-esk coverage along with total freedom of movement.  However, little did I know that these pasties are NOT guaranteed to stay on securely. Especially if you are sweating and about to dance as if it were a performance on Dancing With The Stars.

Please behold…..

flashmob SD GARRETT4

Theresa had given everyone the secret cue to chime in.  I was nervous, anxious but confident.  Lindsey from Modchik Photography, caught me in action.

flashmob SD GARRETT8

Then, just in one twirl, the adhesive bra went flying. The photo above is me in complete disbelief that I was dancing free under a super-duper sheer top.  In front of countless fellow bloggers and syndicated new cameras.  Oh snap.  Here is the best video which captures my brafree predicament.   The Pasties’ went airborne about 1:20. The duck and cover maneuver was then immediately performed and I ended up dancing like a complete hot mess.

But I held my ground friends. Nay. Nay. I was NOT going to throw in the towel and sprint to the nearest restroom.  I was there to support, no pun intended, Theresa and Mary.  Come Hell or High Water, I was going to overcome every insurmountable jiggling/naked obstacle.  Because that is what Friends DO! Thanks Soleil Moon Frye for your video, it was the best one out there to show my malfunction.

flashmob SD GARRETT11flashmob SD GARRETT3

Mary                                                  Theresa

Afterwards, when I saw my friends faces and wiped a tear away, it made for the BEST bucket list Flashmob I could have ever dreamed of.  Who cares about a tiny wardrobe malfunction. Despite the breast set backs, I can’t wait for next year and I promise the undergarment choice will be more savvy. Pinky swear.

Now on to what I wore that was not mommy PJ’s, spandex, or sweats last week. Due to BlogHer it was easy peasy:

11-08-05 Blogher fix-152 11-07-06 Riebe Wed-047

1. Top Bailey 44

2. Dress Susana Monaco

11-08-05 Blogher-120 11-08-05 Blogher-119

Another bucket list item has been marked complete.  Work a Fascinator.  Thank you Sparklecorn very much for this opportunity.

Fascinator by Aldo Accessories

Top Nanette Leopore

Happy Hump Day and make sure your bra is fastened,


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  1. That is hysterical!! & girl, you’ve got some serious dance moves.
    Love the Fascinator. I’ve always wanted one, they seem so proper.

  2. That is freaking hysterical. Though I didn’t see the cutlets fly.

    • Perhaps you were standing in front of me? The sad part is I tried to stuff them on my pockets, but they were sown shut. I had to tuck them in my waist band. Oh the joy. 😉

  3. oh my gosh! i would’ve died had that happened to me.

  4. I was only like 2 people behind you and TOTALLY didn’t see what went down, so you recovered most excellently! 🙂

  5. love this story. Now, where did you get the FAB fascinator?!

  6. I will NEVER forget you coming up to me after the dance, laughing, with your bra cupped in your hands. NEVER. You are so awesome…

    • Next time I’mma gonna super-glue those babies on. Or better yet choose a more functional over the shoulder boulder holders. Thank you for your sweet smile laughing with me and not at me. MUAH!!!!!!

  7. Had you not posted about it, I never would have known. You carried yourself with class, Lovey…as always! Good for you, for sticking it out, and having a good spirit. Knowing when to laugh, instead of panic…boo on the bra, but that top is ADORABLE!

  8. Damn, I miss all the fun! How cool – the flashmob I mean 🙂 A day to remember for sure!

  9. Love that you just powered through. You’re fierce!

  10. This is hilarious! I mean, I don’t know if I’ll ever wear one of those bras to dance, but so funny to read!

    Loved dancing next to you!

    • Where were you when I was getting ready in the morning? I SO needed your voice of reason of what NOT to wear.

  11. That is AWESOME!! So, did it fly out like a slingshot or slide down and fall out of your shirt? I missed the whole thing 🙂

    • Slingshot!. I was dancing like J-Lo’s last performance evah. The embarassment created Light Speed. Like none other. Until next time sweets!

  12. I love how you carried it off, girlfriend!

    Well, I didn’t see anything fly in the video so your secret is safe with me, lol! I played Liesel once in a play, The Sound of Music, and I was dancing with “Rolf” doing “Sixteen Going On Seventeen” and my skirt fell off. In front of a couple hundred people. In front of God and everybody. In front of small children. Not to mention in front of my future in-laws.

    Fortunately I was wearing a slip underneath. However, I had not planned on showing my undergarments on stage at that time (or any time for that matter). After that I was paranoid about my clothes falling off. Still am……

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