Kitchen Family Room Makeover ~ Part Three Furniture

Let’s review from last week the original direction this Makeover was going in.  If you would like to see the post, physician it can be found HERE.   Below is the inspiration room from Candice Olson. {Who, recipe I would love to come and help me with this project.  Pretty Please?}  Her use of blues, maples, blacks and silver is terrific. 


Okay, below is our floor plan concept.  Followed by a wish list of  furniture pieces.

Room design twofamily room plan

Let’s start off with the family room side:

sectional sofa

I am looking for a classic clean lined sectional in a taupe or camel color, with black finishes. I bounce this around in my head all day long, but I feel I am leaning towards leather.

chair-chairs black feet

Adjacent to the sectional I would like to see two side chairs in a smoky blue.  It’s difficult to see, but the arms have stainless steel nail heads.  What a superb touch.  I am also a sucker for tufting.  Always have been, always will.

side-table_thumb4single pendant

Next is the table in between the chairs and the pendant light to be hung above, anchoring the seating pair. What a nice comfort corner… perfect for reading Tina Fey’s, Bossy Pants.

area rug 2

Even though the inspiration room has a patterned blue carpet, I am leaning towards a more neutral taupe shade. The light blue carpet concept above is a little too matchy matchy for my taste.  Sorry Candice.  An outdoor area rug made from Sunbrella fabric is also on my radar for this surface.  I own THREE beagles. This rug needs to be completely stain resistant for any type of beagle nuclear holocaust. Restoration Hardware keeps drawing me back to their choices. We’ll see.

coffee tablebritish-classics-maya-coffee-table_tKong barstool with choice of armns 1835 3665

Next up, here are two of my favorites (insert jumpy claps):

The British Classics Maya coffee table from Ethan Allan in black and a pair of Kong Polished Steel Counter Stools.


The round coffee table has such a practical and unusual shape which I adore.  The  cane finish underneath the inset beveled glass top is complete designer eye candy.  As for the counter stools, how cool are they?  The stools come in pairs with a right and then left arm version. The perfect classic – modern pairing with workmanship that is impeccable. What is not to love?

 sunbrealla drapes

As for curtains on south facing sliding glass door.  Sunbrella fabrics are going to be needed.  The material will make the drapery able to withstand all kinds of wear and tear.  I am also loving the grommet and rod construction. Such a better concept than pleated drapery with attached hooks at the top and weights at the bottom.  Durable baby, durable.  It has become a necessity, wait I think I just said that.

art-work_thumb4ballard design blossoms

Moving right along.  Here are artwork concepts.  The oversized modern floral would be over the sectional.  While the Pointillism Tree would be hung in pairs near the entrance of the room, both with black framing.


Now it’s time for the Kitchen table.  Currently, we have an oval table which seats 6.  I have come to realize, I need a table that seats 8.  This will require the table to be long and skinny.  An updated farm table comes to mind.  Where was I going to find one?  Then Lily Pulitzer came to my rescue.  She is launching a furniture line this summer.  This white sleek  “Boulevard” Parsons Table with killer side chairs has blown me away. (Note the original photo has a bright pink background – you can view it below.  I took the liberty to tweak the background color to see how it might feel in a blue room. Thanks Lily for understanding.)

 table kitchen

Love it.


Lastly, over the kitchen island I would like to hang two matching pendant lights,  balancing the comfort corner pendant light from across the room. The pink chair would be for my computer desk, something a little funky and silly to accent it all.  Lily Pulitzer also designed this piece.

So there you have it. My furniture finds that will hopefully make our Kitchen Family Room feel it was designed to combine classic, timeless elements with a dash of modern edge.

What do you think friends?

Candice, still anxiously awaiting to hear from you my dear.



  1. I love all of the furniture you picked out! I agree that the blue carpet does seem a bit matchy matchy. What color are your floors? I love that patterned taupe carpet but I wonder if it would blend in too much on a light hardwood?

    I love your blog!:)


    • Kathleen says

      Our hardwood floors will be refinished to a medium walnut. Fingers crossed. Based on the finish, I will select the final carpet color. Hold me. Luckily, I just found a second inspiration room Candice did this year for Candice Tells all, I’ll post it tomorrow. It has some perfect elements to add to this concept, including a taupe rug! Thanks for stopping by and your kind words.

  2. Love it, very cool lay out! Can you come over and due my pad next?

  3. Rachel R says

    Love the counter stools. Where can you find them?

    • Kathleen says

      Google Kong barstools, you will find them. Warning, they are expensive. I will be looking for a knock off me thinks.

  4. Beth Noble says

    Cannot wait to see this vision come to life. Well done.

  5. How did you pull all these finds together. I would never have been able to do that. Be sure to tell us where you get all your pieces. What is your timing?? I cannot wait for the pics.

  6. FUN FUN FUN!!! I still have two rooms to go and am tuckered out going 120 MPH since the move. Come visit and motivate me, will you!?

  7. BTW, I forgot to mention I’m in love with the coffee table. FABULOUS!!

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