Kitchen Family Room Makeover ~ Part One Inspiration

Candice Olson.  Why haven’t you responded to my eleventy hundred requests to travel outside of Canada to film your show, sickness Candice Tells All, sovaldi   here in the good ole USofA?  Our residence in Southern California, is just a stones throw away.  The Beach, Disneyland, Getty Museum, and Legoland would make an excellent vacation stop for you, your family and crew.  Heck, I would even throw in a top drawer BBQ.  Care for some filet?  Call it a work-cation.  

You see Candice, may I call you Candice?  I wish I could be your Design Doppelganger.  In a nice Doppelganger way, of course.  I love how your philosophy combines classic, timeless elements with a dash of modern edge.  It speaks to my personal sense of beautiful interiors.  Proof is in the pudding, right?  Well, both of your interior designs, shown below, were the inspiration for my girls’ bedrooms.

Here are your rooms:


Now a partial views of our girls’ bedrooms.  The floor was a touch cluttered.  I cropped that out.  Even with there current ‘lived-in look’, I still enjoy these rooms as much as when they were newly pristine and toy free:


So why am I asking for your help now?  Well, the time has come for a Kitchen Family Room Makeover.  I was feeling overwhelmed with the scale of the room and didn’t want to make a costly furniture/paint/flooring mistake.

So, since I have not heard from you.  I have spent months pouring over your work.  After surfacing from this immersion, I think you would say;  “Kathleen, you need to use cool tones to balance the color palette in your space”.  With your silent guidance, I am leaning towards your concept below.  Our maple cabinets would pair nicely with a similar cool fresh BLUE.  I promise not to forget the additional accents of black and silver.


Thank you my dear for this concept color board I found detailing your paint colors and fabrics.


Candice’s Palette
  1. Carpet Tile. Solid Ground in Mist. Flor,
  2. Carpet Tile. Solid Ground in Camel. Flor.
  3. Carpet Tile. Shirt Stripe in French Cuff. Flor.
  4. Carpet Tile. Solid Ground in Bluegrass. Flor.
  5. Flooring. Vermont Maple in natural. Mannington,
  6. Main wall paint. Stratton Blue. Benjamin Moore,
  7. Accent wall paint. Wythe Blue. Benjamin Moore.
  8. Tile. Tessera in Iridescent Sandstone #5. Oceanside Glasstile,
  9. Water feature. Napoleon,
  10. Custom cabinetry. Maple.
  11. Countertop. Diamastone in Corfu. Smds,
  12. Chair. Monaco, with cushion in natural. Pottery Barn,
  13. Sofa fabric. Sonny. Norwalk Furniture Idea,
  14. Daybed cushions. Infinite in Glacier. Kravet,
  15. Pillow. Georgia in Butterscotch. Norwalk.
  16. Pillow. Ginny. Kravet.
  17. Pillow. Lustrous Velvet in Water Blue. Kravet.
  18. Pillow trim #TA5232. Kravet.
  19. Bolster. Belgium Linen Slub in Aegean. Kravet.
  20. Pillow. Plush Luxe in Turquoise. Kravet
  21. Now for a glimpse at our floor plan, not to scale.


I still have not decided on a seating configuration for the television area.  I think I am favoring the one below.  With a pendant light over the chair pairing?  What do you think?

Room design two

Am I going in the right direction, I’m waiting to hear from you Candice? {long exhale}

More of the Kitchen Family Room Makeover tomorrow in Part Two.

Until then, if you would like to visit Candice Olson’s website, click HERE.

Waiting by the phone,



  1. HA! We are in the midst of design books all over the kitchen table- Candice being my ultimate fav and capturing most of my allotted DVR space divided between the family- plans for living room/kitchen remodel in full steam- removal of load bearing walls and possible new see through fireplace- Hours at Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware- Candice would be proud- keep us updated!

  2. Those rooms are gorgeous. Thumbs up to all of them. “LIKE” !!!!

  3. Please show us before and afters. I cannot wait to see the transformation. Your open letter to Candice is a kick in the pants. I wish she would travel to my house here in the South too. A little more than a stones throw. 🙂

  4. Kelly Smith says

    You really did do your research. How in the heck did you find that board of samples? With all the labeling!! I need somthing just like this. Finding excatly what they did on TV is so hard. Thanks Kathleen. Keep us posted!!

  5. Do you still have the paint colors from your girls rooms?

  6. Beth noble says

    She has a new show? I am a Divine Design junkie. Where have I BEEN ecckkk


  1. […] original direction this Makeover was going in.  If you would like to see the post, it can be found HERE.   Below is the inspiration room from Candice Olson. {Who, I would love to come and help me with […]

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