GM Cars and Orange County Housewives

chevyEarlier this month, prescription for sale a few Orange County Housewives (read bloggers) were selected to test drive GM’s current line of 2011 vehicles.  The creative mind of Marcy Masurra seized this opportunity to round us up and shoot a short video.  The video was meant to be a light-hearted way of highlighting what we enjoyed about these 2011 GM models.   Let me share the details of the two cars I was able to drive; the Hybrid Denali and the Hybrid Escalade.  I was amazed how each Hybrid car handled while zooming around town.  The future is electric friends. Electric.  Here is why:

The Denali First:

May 6th-002May 6th-005May 6th-004May 6th-011

My goodness.  A SUV with exceptional fuel economy – an estimated 23 mpg around town!  We can pack up the family, ailment along with the Beagle Brigade, click and head out on a very economical road trip.  It also has plenty of posh appointments, ample cargo space, loads of passenger room, LOTS of muscle power, and surprisingly adept handling.  The 2011 GMC Yukon Denali, with its good looks and reduced carbon stamp on our little blue marble, is wine and Stilton cheese; absolutely dreamy.

Next up: The Caddy

GMC Escadale Hybrid-020GMC Escadale Hybrid-021GMC Escadale Hybrid-016GMC Escadale Hybrid-023GMC Escadale Hybrid-010GMC Escadale Hybrid-003GMC Escadale Hybrid-005GMC Escadale Hybrid-026

GMC Escadale Hybrid-019GMC Escadale Hybrid-018

Here is the top-end Platinum Edition Escalade. Wow!   It was so shiny.  Some of the upgrades included 22-inch aluminum wheels and a neat cluster of IntelliBeam LEDs under the headlamp covers.  Inside, the Escalade is just as noble as the outside.  The cabin has wood-like panels combined with chocolate leather-clad paradise.  Its smell was intoxicating.  New car leather just can’t be beat.

Other highlights which I drooled over were the heated steering wheel, auto-folding second-row seats, a rear DVD entertainment system with headphones and MP3 jacks, heated and cooled cup holders, (keeps the coffee warm and the soda chill, LOVED that) and auto-retractable door steps which the kids wanted to see over and over.

The mileage was the biggest selling point.  Incredible, with over 400 Miles on one tank of gas.  Take that Oil Barons!

Hybrids have won me over.  They are quiet and efficient, yet an enjoyable ride.  I would choose either car, the Denali or Escalade, to spend the next few years in my garage.  Both are full of class and utility.  Thank you GM for the test drives, you can call me anytime.

Behind the wheel and coming out from underneath the car. A day with the girls, filled with giggles.


For the full story head on over HERE to GM WEST.

Thanks again GM.

Signed your newest Hybrid convert,



  1. You ladies were all sooooo cute!!!! Makes me want a Hybrid! Do they do a Suburban??!!!

  2. You were SO FABULOUS to do this. And no one looks cuter sliding out from under a car!
    Marcy Massura recent posted..PhotoTalk- Thru clenched teeth

  3. I love that Denali. *Swoon*

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