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IG cup of clouds

Hello friends, discount ready for the weekend?  Here in California we are having a weather change.  Thunderstorms they say.  I love some good thunder and lightening, doctor but the beagles don’t.  Three beagles running to drape themselves over my lap, search shaking, will be in store if the forecasters are correct.  Hopefully, that will not be at 3am.  Yes.  That’s approximately 100 pounds of dog if you did not know.  What about you?  Any plans in your neck of the woods?  I tried to make a copy cat recipe of Thomas Corn Cakes today and they were awful.  I’ll be back at the drawing board this weekend.  If any of you Internets have the recipe out there, will you please send it my way?   Thank you in advance.

As for today, let’s share what I came across on the world wide web. I hope something tickles your fancy.


Tina Fey announced her pregnancy this week and has a brand new book, Bossypants.  I cannot wait to get my hands on this one.  Sounds like a fabulous read. 

Kate Spade was having a sale today and I desperately need a new purse.  I am obsessing over this one here.   If you are a Kate Spade fan, here is a 25% off and FREE shipping coupon code for today {Friday} and tomorrow = FFSPR11.  Your welcome!

Instagram iPhone application. TOTALLY ADDICTED. The photo above with a cup of jo and clouds is from my handy dandy iPhone.  You can read more about the application here. My friend Ree will spell it all out for you.

Here is a recipe for this weekend from Joy the Baker. Cinnamon Pull Apart Bread.  Oh my my.  Click here to view her post.  Thanks Joy!


Here are three posts I go back to read often.  If you missed them in the past,  here they are for your viewing pleasure:

My children call her Gigi (aka my Grammie)

The conversations you are about to hear are true

3+3+4 = Tension Glass


The quote of the week from my offspring, under the age of 6.

“Oh no, they just feed bacon to a pig. That is just so wrong”

Have a great weekend lovelies.



  1. INSTAGRAM – your photos are out of this word. Enough said.

  2. Keep it coming Kathleen. Keep it coming!

  3. Thomas corn cakes – that recipe would be outstanding. I miss those.

  4. INSTAGRAM – I must find you!! What is your ID?

  5. Candace with a C says

    I saw your Instagram capture on That cup of clouds is another work of art! Thanks for sharing for is non iPhone people.

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