Homemade Tacos


This is Quinn and I sixteen years ago. We became friends seven years prior to this photo.  We were two sorority sisters dating two fellas from Sigma Nu.  Well, no rx those two fellas proposed and became our DH’s.  The wedding photo above was a month after my DH and I tied the knot.

When we were newlyweds we would spend weekends together cooking and watching movies.  Tacos became a tradition.  Quinn taught me how to make homemade taco shells; sharing with me how simple it was.  Today, sovaldi sale I’m going to share through photographs the steps for making homemade tacos. Use whatever ingredients you and your family might enjoy.  At mi casa the little people are the chicken types. But by all means, swap out the pollo for your favorite fish, pork or cut of beef.  As for the Pico De Gallo, its recipe can be found from yesterdays post. { You can find it be clicking HERE }.  The tortillas are corn and the oil is vegetable.  Thanks Quinn, my dear, I love ya.




I hope you are inspired to make some of your own this weekend and that you’ve caught up on your sleep after the West Coast time change.

Daphney sure hasn’t

daphney nite nite

Have a terrific one friends



  1. Great pics Kathleen! I love all the recipes and stories about the pups 🙂 Happy to know I’m not the only wine-addict in SoCal. Thanks for your encouraging words at BBC. I really enjoyed meeting you

  2. Your blog is awesome and your pictures are amazing. I blogged about you today!http://lifebuythebeach.blogspot.com/2011/03/bloggy-bootcamp-san-diego.html
    It was great to meet you at bloggy bootcamp.

  3. Scott Barton says:

    The tacos look great, why can’t I get those on my yearly visit? Am I not special enough?


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