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I run a tight ship with the Beagles.  I have to. They out number me.  Furthermore since they sleep with us they must be uber clean.  When Buddy decides to roll in a mound of dirt trying to resemble a chocolate Labrador, I DRAW THE LINE. It’s shower time.  I’ll start with a few products I use to clean and care for the beagles. Since their happiness and safety is also vital, I added a few additional products in hopes they may assist you with your furry ones. Please feel free to add any products you use in the comment section. The Beagles would love to hear about them.

Buddy WashSHAMPOO: This shampoo, Buddy Wash, is the real deal. It is thick, not watery, so it lathers up nicely without having to use too much. I usually massage the shampoo onto their coat, leave it on for a few minutes and then wash it off. The shampoo washes off easily without any residues and the results are amazing. It leaves the beagles coats soft and shiny, and smelling great.  It’s made from natural botanicals, herbs and essential oils, no harsh chemicals to damage, strip, or irritate the skin and coat.  I order it in bulk over HERE at amazon.

Oticlean A

EARS: I use OtiClean-A Ear Cleaning Lotion for routine cleaning and odor control of the ear. Buddy needs this quite a bit since he love rolling in dirt, please see photo above. OtiClean-A has a low pH, without antibiotics or corticosteroids. Excellent for the ear. I have used it before or after bathing. My doggie medicine cabinet is never without this gem. It also can be found on Amazon.



Chewers: Daphney is a chewer. You should see the legs of our kitchen chairs. Horrendous. I was told about these a few weeks ago. Thanks Ms. Dai. They are deer antlers. Now before you get creeped out, hear me out. They are super hard, don’t flake away and no chunks break off. The antlers don’t get soggy and have no odor. They don’t get messy, slimy, or stinky like raw-hides and other chewing products. They are natural and no deer’s are hurt in the process. Have I won you over? They also can be found on Amazon.

Silent dog tagsDog Tags: I needed a dog tag that was chew proof and silent. Luckily I found these tags. They attach to all collars by laying flat against the collar and are held in place by a Velcro fastener on the back.  Each tag is custom engraved to your specificationsBeagles-124 and shipped out to you within 24 hours. Tags come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. They also have a lifetime guarantee.  Best of all Daphney can’t rip them off Buddy, Maddox or herself to use as chewing gum. I love these, they help me sleep soundly. I can rest assured if my beagles ever escape the compound they will be found and there is no rat-a-tat-tat matched with beagle movement at 2am. Amen. They also can be found on Amazon.

Blue Adult Dog Food

Food: In the adult years, Maddox and Buddy can easily put on a few unnecessary pounds because they are so sedentary.  Have you seen Maddox lately?  I have chosen this food because it is nutrient-rich with an optimal-calorie formula for a mature dog that keeps my boys filled.  The company also says this food helps with muscle development, energy for an active life, immune system health, healthy skin and coat. I tend to agree with them since the boys are quite happy on this chow.


Treats: C.E.T. Enzymatic Oral Hygiene Chews have this thing called a Dual-Enzyme System. It’s described as an ingredient that is activated by your dog’s mouth to produce Hypothiocyanite ions. These ion then eliminates plaque-forming bacteria. “Each chew contains a natural antiseptic and an abrasive texture that works with the dog’s chewing action to loosen tarter.” It is a little dentist in each chew. I love all these good dental facts, but when it comes down to it, when guests arrive, they are my go-to. Rather than the beagle brigade barking and annoying visitors, they are entranced by these chewers and leave everyone alone. They are like M and M’s to a 3 year old. I love them.

So there you have it. Oh yeah, one more, I also love tiny sized treats by Zuk’s. They reside in my doggie treat jar 24/7. Go with chicken – not the salmon.

Beagle Brigade trio photos with names

The Beagles want to know what else is out there that we need to try. Leave them a note. Woof {thank you}



  1. Kathleen! I love the photos and the dog tag recommendation is perfect. We take Daisy’s collar off at night, this is a perfect alternative. Thank you for sharing. Off to Petco to find those treats. Chicken, not salmon. 🙂

  2. what beautiful pooches! I love beagles, but I could never handle all of their energy… you’re a saint!

    • Kathleen says

      Not a Saint Emily, just a pooch lover. The older boys, Maddox and Buddy are coach potatoes, not a whole lot of energy there. However, Dapheny, well that is a completely different story. xo

  3. This is exactly what I needed. We just brought home a new puppy and I am somewhat lost. Please tell me what leash/harness you like. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Kathleen says

    Cindy, congrats on your puppy! Beagles have a reverse sneeze thing that happens when they pull against a neck collar. I found chest harnesses at Petco and selected color and sizes based on each beagle. If your pooch becomes a PULLER, I would recommend a snout/muzzle leash. Good luck with your new fur baby and let me know how these suggestions work. Best wishes always.

  5. Do you get the CET Chews at Amazon also? My dogs also love Lil Jacks from PetCo I usually shop at PetClub but they don’t carry those, my dogs also like the Zukes, I buy the minis because we have to always watch the weight. So the tags held on with velco strand up to Daphney pulling on them? Alex (Daphney’s sister) also ate her plastic tag on the way home from dog class one night, would love the have quiet tags, I tried to find shrink tubes in clear to put over my metal tags (no luck). Love to try new pet products.

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