Daphney has a new look.

Our diva Beagle has a new look.

elisalou sent her a sassy new collar.

matthew party 097


It fits her ‘larger than a Wolf Hound’ personality.


It also vibes Minny Mouse.

matthew party 099

And it’s just plain festive for the holidays, huh?

matthew party 110matthew party 111matthew party 114matthew party 115

We love you ‘Daffodil’.

Elisa is taking some time off for the holiday, but will be back making custom collars soon. On her site www.elisalou.com there are many cool collars to browse through. Or better yet, if you would like to design your own collar that fits your pooches personality check out the selections of fabrics.

collar choices

Oh yes, one more thing.

Elisa is very talented

she also designs hand bags, toes, Ipad sleeves and

wait for it –

custom camera straps!

Oo La La…..

camera strap

 Hope your having a relaxing December friends. 

Disclosure ~ I found her Elisa Designs on Esty. I ordered a collar for Daphney all by myself at Elisalou.com.


  1. Daphney’s rocking that collar!

  2. That collar is really cute! My favorite pattern is the Chocolate Bubbles!

  3. That is such an awesome collar. I think my parents’ dog would look awesome with the pink/orange disco dot one. Christmas Present?

  4. Love her new collar and that photo looks like it came out of a magazine!!!!! Crazy good!

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