Harry Potter Deathly Hallows, ummm remember it's PG-13

Our family loves the Harry Potter series by JK Rowlings. Not only have we read each book together. We have also proudly conquered the Wii Legos Harry Potter Game (stories 1-4) long ago and DS (Darling Son) choose to be the “chosen one” for Halloween. Click here for a refresher.  So last Saturday DH and I thought it would be a fun to take the fam damily to the movies to continue the saga on big screen.

Yes, we most certainly did.  


“honey, didn’t you realize it’s PG-13?”

Darn it. I should have trusted my favorite Mommy website Commonsense.org. It has always been my go-to website when it comes to movies, books, video games and the like. It lets me know as a parent what is age appropriate for my little ones. If I had checked it out I would have understood the judgemental eyes as we sat down with ages (10-6-4.5) along side us. So what would I have learned – if I had been on my game?

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 was written by Sandie Angulo Chen 

Parents need to know that the second-to-last installment in the epic Harry Potter movie saga is the darkest, most intense yet. It has the highest body count of any Potter film, including the deaths of several recurring characters — some of which are particularly emotional and upsetting. Harry, Ron, Hermione, and their friends are bloodied, injured,  and cursed. In one startling “jump” scene, Voldemort’s giant killer snake bursts out of an old woman’s body; there’s also a particularly disturbing torture scene in which a major character is branded with an insult. Expect a bit of sensuality, including lots of longing looks and protective embraces between Ron and Hermione, a passionate snog between Harry and Ginny, and a scene of “ghost” versions of Harry and Hermione tormenting Ron with an exaggerated kiss (they seem to be nude, but viewers only see bare shoulders). Despite the amped-up angst and violence, the characters prove again and again that unconditional friendship, loyalty, and love can survive even the most harrowing of threats.

Yep, that about sums it up. Mommy of the Year Award – I’m now in the standings huh? There was a lot of eye covering during scenes that made me uncomfortable.

When we debriefed our little ones to see if they were okay after the movie, (or if they need professional counseling)  they happily replied “I can’t wait for the next one Momma”.

Oh my my.

For the next installment I will be sure to check out Common Sense first. And do the ‘bob and weave’ if necessary upon requests to see the final Potter movie.

Live and Learn…



photo credit Warner Brothers.


  1. I’ve had a few of those “mom fail” moments myself and have had to leave the theatre with an wide-eyed, open-mouthed pre-teen in tow. Glad your kids liked the movie though. It was very well done. Although, the death scene left me sobbing despite knowing it was coming having read the book 3 times. Thanks for the Common Sense link. I didn’t know about that one.

    Deb 🙂

    • Debra lawdy yes when I began to feel wide eyed and open mouthed I took my arms and wrapped them around my little ones face who was sitting on my lap. DH did the same. Of course they fought us off, because they didn’t want to miss a thing. Common Sense dot Org, I will never NOT consult it first again. XO

  2. Eli took six of his besties to see it Saturday for his 10th birthday! I was a little concerned since it was PG 13, but Scott had read all the books with Eli and we knew they were getting progressively darker…That being said, it’s fantasy! Kids can handle it, I think we try as parents to keep our kids in a bubble sometimes. Real life is just around the corner, a little dose of it now and then isn’t going to hurt a bit!!!
    Thanks for the commonsense.org tip! Will check it out too.

    Have a great Thanksgiving!!!! Please post pics of your meal prep:)

    • Penni – I have been having computer issues. I’ve had to steal my daughters laptop just to make quick posts here and there. My new baby is arriving via the computer stork any day now. Hopefully in time to load my photos and do some Thanksgiving recipes. Perhaps Mashed Potatoes, Apple Pie and Poultry Roasting. 🙂

  3. It happens to everyone. I forgot about that scene in Ghostbusters where the ghost hovers over Dan Ackroyd and unzips his pants and his eyes cross. Yeah.


    • I had forgot about that scene!

      We were talking about watching Ghostbuster with the little ones for Halloween – but the 10 year old did not want to watch an “old fashion movie” – ouch that hurt a little.

      Thanks for the memory and the warning, we don’t need another Whoopsie Daisies.

  4. You’re not alone:TOTAL mom fail moment yesterday: had my most trusted babysitter take them to the movies and guess what she chose? NICE! At least I didn’t have to sit through it! Got to remind her not to take my now PG-13 tainted kids to PG 13s!


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