Delightful Halloween Finds

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Come October, my mom was quite talented at whipping up Halloween Costumes. Her little ones would describe what they wanted ‘to-be’ and she went to work. In 1980 I dreamt up a ‘I Dream of Genie’ costume. What can I say. It was a favorite television show. Besides, I always wanted to live in sparkly decorum and have magical powers at the blink of my eyes. Who wouldn’t?           


Mom went to work and this is what the Singer Sewing Machine delivered.            

 Halloween 2010 ENGE-1980            

That’s right.  It had to be chaste and cover that controversial navel.            

Thanks Mom.           

Today in 2010, I’m not as sewing talented as my illustrious Momma. So I have to resort to purchasing finished costumes; online of course.  Don’t get me wrong. I wish I could pull together an inexpensive home made outfit.  But, as soon as those Halloween Catalogs start arriving in the mail – I’m doomed. Wishes and expectations are made, lines are drawn. So after careful negotiation, here are the selections for my crew this All-Hallo’s-Eve.           

My Little Man loves to practice his Expecto Patronum Spell (Patronus Charm) and dreams of being Harry Potter. {On a separate note, we encourage this witch craftery. The spell is meant to conjure a persons innermost positive feelings to use as a protective cover. By shining your positive attitude upon your friends, you protect them from all types of despair. Or something like that.} Harry Potter and the Patronus Charm get the nod of approval this year.           

 hp costume            

Harry Potter in his Gryffindor robe from Chasing Fireflies.           

 Check out all the cool accessories.           


gryffindor tieharry potter glassesharry potter light-up wandharry potter broomharry potter lantern           

A tie, spectacles, wand, broomstick and lantern.            

As for my lovely ladies, they have fallen in love with            

images/26092-large.jpg dorthy            

 Greek Goddess Goddess in training and Dorothy costumes. Perhaps Daphney can be Toto while Maddox and Buddy could pull a chariot for the Goddess in training?           

Or better yet…           


Only $9.68 from – click here to get your very own.           

One more delightful find from this catalog / online store; Chasing Fireflies.            

When it’s time to rest those weary sugar filled bones, how about these darling Glow-In-The-Dark PJ’s?            

 girl skeleton boy skeleton

Pink glow-in-the-dark sleepy skeleton pj’s OR Black glow-in-the-dark sleepy skeleton pj’s

 Here are some other sites on the internet that you can browse for costumes.           


 Costume Express  

 Pottery Barn Kids  

  Finally, this find came to my in box via William Sonoma.           

Check out these terrific Halloween totes:           

halloween ws            

“Made of sturdy lined felt with reflective elements for increased nighttime visi­bility and safety, the totes are appliquéd with a grinning pumpkin or beaming owl face. On the reverse side, the tote is personalized with the owner’s name.”           

  • Sewn of soft, sturdy felt, the generously sized tote can hold ample collected treats.
  • Details are made of fabric that reflects light to help keep little ones visible at night.
  • For personalization, indicate up to eight letters.

I feel I could use one of these for myself at the market.  Go Green.           

As for me, I have not chosen my costume.            

Still deciding.            

But, I think I want to re-use my wig from last year.    Halloween 2009 – Fergie.         

 from the Black Eyed Peas         

 and yes, my navel was covered.         

 What are your going to be?         

  Have a Splendid weekend.
Expecto Patronum

kathleen sign black       


Just so you know, I was in no way paid to endorse any of the products above. I just love them and wanted to share.


  1. Jenelyn Russo says

    Great post! I’m noticing that stores already have many costumes discounted, which is great! I picked up the cutest monarch butterfly costumes from Crazy 8 for my girls. On sale 🙂

  2. I love your I Dream of Jeannie costume!

    My oldest is Harry Potter this Halloween, too!

  3. I wish I could make costumes like your mom. My son has worn hand me down costumes from his cousins the last three years.


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