How to enjoy a San Francisco Boot Camp

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Last weekend was spent in the City by the Bay for a San Francisco Bloggy Boot Camp Session; networking with many talented women from an online community known to some as social media.

  SF Bloggy Boot Camp-020

The Modchik was my wingman.

Upon arrival, medicine even with my wingman. I was a little anxious, help was I was going to hear, and

“Drop and Give Me Twenty” or “Finish It”!

Fortunately, this did not happen.

Instead, both newbie bloggers and seasoned pros were welcomed by

this pretty face with a matching vibrant personality.


I was introduced to the lovely Tiffany.  Tiffany is the co-founder of an online community known as The Secret is in the Sauce {SITS}, a rapidly growing community on the web.  In addition to SITS, Tiffany and her partners put together social media conferences in many major cities around the United States called Bloggy Boot Camps. With her smarts and talent for speaking, she pulls together a community of like minded people like no other.

Her partners are:

Francesca at Mayhem & Moxie,

Kat at Mama’s Losin’ It . 

After riding an elevator that had  way too much Peet’s Coffee (think quad shot –  it stopped and started at breakneck speed}, I found the name tag for Sugar and Spice then joined a group of Bloggers gathered on the top floor of the Westin St Francis Hotel in Union Square.

    SF Bloggy Boot Camp-034

This is How To enjoy a a Bloggy Boot Camp in San Francisco —

Relax, learn, and enjoy meeting many new lovely friends and their respective websites:

Please let me introduce a few of them:

SF Bloggy Boot Camp-054

Above is the not so angry Julie from Angry Julie.

She was a guest speaker sharing her knowledge about all things on the privacy radar.


Jessica Bern from Bernthis spoke about Vlogging, Video camera + Blogging = Video Blogging. Her tips were; keep it short.  Watch your camera angles.  Remember it all boils down to simple entertainment.


Ciaran Blumfeld from Momfluential spoke about attracting Brands as well as being authentic and sincere with your readers.





Ted Rubin from Open Sky spoke about a new way to do business the old fashion way. Read this article to learn more.





Jennifer James of Mom Bloggers Club spoke about appreciating your readers and providing value.





Lindsey Krolik,  from her site here, spoke about citizen media law, photography rights and copyrights.  Really informative stuff.

SF Bloggy Boot Camp-053   






And finally, Kristy Campbell from Kristy Campbell Creative spoke about finding your own voice. She had just flown in from Colorado on family business and I just wanted to hug her.

During after hours it was a personal highlight to chat and laugh with the speakers above as well as the following ladies. Check out their websites and you too can become acquainted with these heavy hitters: 

Catherine Connors Catherine Connors from Her Bad Mother

katie Katie from Mother Bumper

Sugar Jones   Sugar Jones from Sugar in the Raw 

You can view a Twitter list of all the marvelous minds that attended the conference HERE.

The Westin St Francis was the perfect setting to learn and meet in real life a community of bloggers, making Tiffany’s “dream of connecting women come true”, I was proud Sugar and Spice was a part of it.

Here are a few more recaps to read about the fabulous day: (send me your links ladies and I will add them below)

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Heligirl Ten Tips from Bloggy Boot Camp 

Angry Julie Monday –Privacy and your Blog 10 things to think about

  PSS – Oh and check out the dessert at lunch, I think I feel a recipe post coming on.  

       SF Bloggy Boot Camp-048SF Bloggy Boot Camp-046

Stay tuned friends.

kathleen sign grey



  1. great review of the BBC and nice to meet you.

  2. WOW! So you two were the hot brunettes I was checking out and didn’t get a chance to meet.
    The quality of these photos are amazing and I’m thrilled to see I didn’t break your camera….yes, I’m in one of your pics above.
    Gorgeous post…which reminds me I still have my love letters posts to write about the presenters.
    I hope you don’t mind if I send my readers your way.

  3. I LOVED this blog and Im sorry I wasnt able to be there with ya’ll to catch up and mustard on everything new in the blogosphere. My bad for not hearing about it sooner and getting my rear in gear down to SF!

  4. Criminy we could pass for sisters in that one shot! I’m so glad you went, these events are right up your ally as you have and always be ahead of me in social skills & grace!

  5. Great post!

    And, I love that you used my “well rested” picture and laughed that you linked to my blog… I guess I should go post something, its been months!

    Your thought of the week by Maya Angelou? Words I live by.


  6. That dessert WAS yummy! I can’t wait for the recipe post!

    Thanks for all the amazing links in your post!

    I wish I had gotten to meet more people…seems like I spent the entire time meeting people, yet I still keep reading names I never got to meet, even though I probably stood next to them multiple times!

  7. Great recap!!!! I think I kinda look angry in that picture, or maybe just lost, or tired….

    • Or very Zoolander. Ford Model agency has been clicking on your photo 3x an hour, expect a contract any minute. (BTW – I get 20% of all booked shoots, it’s non-negotiable) 😀

  8. Great post! I love the photo of the dessert!! I started munching on mine before I even had the spark of a thought to take a photo of it…it looked just way too yummy!

    Glad you had a great time…I’m new to this blogging world and it was my first “boot camp”. I must say I enjoyed all the energy, wisdom, inspiration and, of course, the fabulous women I met.

  9. Thanks for the link friend, hope to see you in San Diego!


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