What would be your first thought?


What would be your first thought if you saw this frequent your bathroom floor?

Buddy and Towells-022

Do the small ones need help in learning a little more wet towel etiquette? Or

Is DH getting lazy with his bathroom manners or …possibly working too hard and has no energy left to be a tidy one anymore? Or

Has laundry got the best of me, malady where hopes of a laundry fairy to swoop dirty clothes away to be washed – fluffed – folded and returned to their rightful cabinet, view paralyzed my housekeeping?

Fortunately or sadly, search (I don’t know which yet) none of these hypothetical situations are accurate.After lining up the household for a towel interrogation that lasted much of the afternoon, I was scratching my head as to why I always find this scene from above. Then I discovered this…

Buddy and Towells-009


Buddy and Towells-016

When we are out of the house he misses his family.

Since he is a beagle with a nose that knows – he has found a way to be close to his loved ones when they are far away.

Buddy and Towells-012

He gathers the damp towels and builds a dog nest. Yes, really.

Buddy and Towells-018

Then lays down and sleeps until he hears the garage door open.

Buddy and Towells-027

Sometimes it is difficult to be upset with him. He does not know his sweet intentions are bothersome.

Buddy and Towells-023

He is now learning the chance of scoring a doggie treat to reward this behavior is slim to none.

It has been making him a little morose.

Buddy and Towells-024

“Okay Bud, hit road, go get on your pillow. Momma’s got some laundry to do”

Buddy and Towells-008

With lots and lots of Bleach.

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  1. Ahhhh!! That’s soooo sweet!! At first I thought it was your kiddos or DH, and I was gonna applaud the fact that at least the towels are still in the bathroom. Getting out of the shower this morning after dropping my kiddo off to school, there wasn’t a towel to be had…ANYWHERE!! Then I found a pile of them in the bottom of my kiddo’s closet, smelling musty and mildewy of course. He’s been taking our towels, wrapping them around his waist to walk back to his room, then dropping them as he gets dressed. ARRRRGGGG!! I think your scenario is way sweeter!! 🙂

  2. LOL!!!!!! :D! BUDDY YOU FUNNY BOY!!!

  3. Awwwwh- that is so precious- they just want our love and to give love- mine is laying at my feet because his girl is gone and is keeping a close eye on me to make sure I’m not next. So loyal- so loving- they look you in the eye with nothing but love- no wonder they are mans best friend!
    Love you Miss you :-X

  4. omg… typical Buddy!! I miss the boy’s and all the “mischivious thing’s they do”… Thank you and your family for the great care and love:)

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