Shop Talk – Silly Bandz

   What the heck are Silly Bandz? They are a fad that has spread across the United States. Every Tween and there younger siblings are wearing these rubber band bracelets, sovaldi trading them and begging Mommy and Daddy or using hard earned allowances to plunk down $5 a pack. They do have an appeal. I […]

A Gimlet is in the Lime Light

A Gimlet is in the Lime Light.     If you’re looking to pour something slightly refreshing this summer, don’t forget the Gimlet. Here is how to mix the PERFECT one. Ingredients: 2 oz Hendrick’s Gin 2/3 oz Lime juice (fresh) Ice Preparation: Slice and squeeze many limes. (The more the better – I always […]

Maya Angelou – Wordy Wednesday

“People will forget what you said, cialis sale   people will forget what you did, there    but people will never forget how you made them feel.” -Maya Angelou             Kathleen

We all Scream for Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

For a wedding gift (geez in 1995 – 15 years ago) DH and I received an Ice Cream Maker resembling this Cuisinart model below. It has periodically been sleeping in the cupboard until this summer. Since I am a summer time family camp counselor to the 10, 5.5 and 4 year old gangsters all day […]

Summer Photo Series Week 4

 Week 4 has arrived. Thanks Shutter Sister and Tracey for some great challenges. I hope each of you have become inspired to grab your camera and join in the experience. Here are the Summer July series submissions week four.   Larger than life      Space (this one was for you Lindsey)   When order is in […]

Everyone should have a 97 year old Grammie (Part 2)

Continued from yesterday….. a tribute to Grammie By how she has lived her own life, she has become a living example of how I wish to live mine. First let me share her rich history. 97 years ago in 1913, she was born in South Bend, Indiana. Woodrow Wilson was president. In her lifetime she […]

My children call her Gigi (aka my Grammie)

This is my Grammie. She will be 97 years young this month. (update 98! this year) I don’t know how I’m going to write this post. I’m already fighting back tears. Pause please. Okay. I think about her daily, rx my thoughts are sweet, capsule they put a smile on my face. She raised my […]

Battle of the Breeds – Animal Planet Style

I’ve been told my oldest is a mini-me. I could not be given a better compliment. She has now taken up photography and wants to share it with the world via Sugar and Spice. As a supportive Mommy, doctor I could not be prouder. A few weeks back Animal Planet asked for contributors for the […]

Summer Picture Series Week Three

 Shutter Sitters is providing more tricky challenges. I LIKE IT. Here were the assignments and entries for this 3rd week in July Simple Solitude (I love being told to ‘strengthening the muscle of inner-peace and calm no matter your circumstances’, malady truly wish I could sit right there reading a book in the shade while […]