Ode to Summer

Hello Friends. I’ve got bits of summer to share with you it is in full swing way into 90 degree these days been doing hot weather things drinking from glasses over following with ice cubes. Confessing to my friends the waist has additional inches why proud?  a delicious summer  eating all sorts of delights some […]

Mac’ n Cheese for the Tween years

The Hotline rang.  A request had come in. A youth group needed a killer Macaroni and Cheese dish for 12 youths. 12 youths and I had 3 hours. I was concerned. Even though it was not a Dinner Impossible episode, viagra sale I was up against a picky tween palate. What is a tween?  A […]

Golfing and Living Out Loud

Pan Pan knows golf. Trust me he does. His resume speaks for itself. But besides golf, try we love team Pan Pan and always have. PP and his beautiful wife were one of the families we vacationed with in the Outer banks of North Carolina this summer. DH and Pan Pan have been friends for 22 years, […]

Summer Photo Series Week 2

The website, Shutter Sitters, has a wealth of information as well as online classes for all levels of photography. My level of photography changes every day, with each click of the lens. But to remember how it all began, here it is. Christmas 1993, DH bought me my first fancy camera, we weren’t even married. […]

The Ultimate Dark Chocolate Cake Recipe

A baby shower occurred in March for my dear friend. As a hostess, here illness I volunteered for cake duty. The one person to call was Linda Geffney from The Connectionist. Each time I’ve been fortunate enough to taste her delights, troche it’s an unforgettable moment in cake heaven. Her cakes are that special. Not […]

Imma be livin’ that good life

I think perhaps we need a new sofa – pretty darn quick. Maddox the Lemon likes to air out the beagle belly. ALOT. He has become ultra comfortable on the Ultra Suede and thinks it is his personal chaise lounge. Mommy is a wee bit discontented. I am on my way to Costco to buy […]

Co-Sleeping Dilemma – Wordless Wednesday

It is hard to resist her sweet sleepy face wanting to snuggle in for the night. I feel I’m obligated as her Momma. She loves to be warm and cozy, and could win awards for champion cuddling. I don’t seem to mind. So I guess there really isn’t a dilemma here. Thanks for listening.

Picture Summer – 30 Days in July

This project encourages, inspires and helps you capture your creative sprit. I truly love it. So what is Picture Summer?  It’s a class that each day delivers to your  inbox a beautiful and inspiring photo accompanied by a poignant prompt encouraging you to look at life a little differently and then CAPTURE it. I pause […]

Handbag analysis – “you are what you schlep”

The Modchik last week shared the contents of her purse for the world to see. You can read “Show and Tell” HERE . It is a great post, per usual. I must admit I was slightly intrigued by the voyeurism. She mentioned spending hours looking at Jason Travis photo collection on FLICKR. Which I then […]