Born a Suspect

Shhh, be very still and quite


Anybody watchin’ ?


This rawhide bone belongs to that

Diva Supermodel; Daphney.


We were told she “needs them for her teething”

but I want to make it



Victory, this feels so right.


Now, I just need to sneak away for some privacy.

Ut oh, someone is coming.



 Before I could bury it under a pillow

or the living room curtain.

Piling mounds of invisible dirt on its deliciousness


I rub the top my nose off from rug burn.

 a Hurt So Good.


Thwarted and feeling sad.

 Would someone come sit and hold me?


  1. Too cute!! Thanks so much for linking up today!

  2. Ha!! Isn’t it amazing how dogs can have so much expression???!!

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