Understanding Maddox the Lemon

There was something a little different about Maddox. He did bay-bark-howl when someone came to the door, when he played with Buddy, and of course, outside when catching the scent of another animal. All of this is typical Beagle behavior.

However there was something else there. It wasn’t just the behavior of adjusting to a new environment. Maddox was quiet and pensive, distinctively different than the more common Beagle traits of playful and outgoing. His unique temperament was as unique as his Lemon coloring.

But Maddox still thought of himself as the King.

A Lemon King.

Buddy was feeling sassy about being the new top dog.

Meanwhile… Daphney turned 4 weeks old.


  1. That last photo? I can’t even believe is a real dog!
    Things that cute MUST BE FAKE.


  2. Victoria Davis says

    Just finally figured this website out! I’m hooked! I’m excited to see the boys and your new little Daphne! Tears come rolling down:) I miss them!!!

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