Facebook Message – a Beagle mommy reaching out.

The same day Darcey passed, a stylist posted a message on Facebook.

I did not know her. 

 A mutual life long friend, Paige, did.

 Paige sent me the following message with photos from her stylist….

“Hi everyone, I am looking for someone who may be interested in adopting my two beagles. either for short term while I am in transition. or long term which breaks my heart:( They need to stay together, they are fully trained and absolutely love kids. If anyone knows of someone interested please call me!! (951) 288-xxxx”

We were ALL heart-broken after Darcey’s passing (Mommy-Daddy-9yr old-5yr old-3yr old).

The house seemed abandoned without a dog.

Paige, knew.  She knew me.

We both played and loved during our childhood, (beginning at age 3 – we were next door neighbors), Clark-Mulligan-Sadie-Hamms-Rascal, until we left the nest for college.

She knew I would be up for loving these dogs completely. Bless her heart.

These are the two boys that came over to spend a few nights… before February when our new puppy would be available. Our family could be a foster Beagle family… no problem.

Enter stage right, Buddy and Maddox, on January 8, 2010

The Lover Boy’s.


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