Halloween Photo Tips


  After a few folks asked for some picture-taking advice this past week,  I decided to sit down and put it in a post.  Oh and if you have a favorite capture from Halloween, please email it to  ksugarandspice @ gmail . com.  I’ll share the pic here on the ole blog for all of […]

Time for Reflection

St Pauls Summer-041

Honor the survivors.  Honor the missing.  Honor the police and fire who responded.  Honor the families left behind.  Your sacrifice and grace is the true legacy of 9/11. Honor the long road to recovery, there and protect those that are too young to remember.

What NOT to Wear to a FlashMob


I know. I know. This post is supposed to be about what I wore last week.  A recap of fashion sorts.  Well, today is special.  BLOGHER special.  I do wish to capture the attire from last week, but I also want to heed a warning.  A bold warning. What NOT to Wear to a FlashMob   […]

Not So Odvious Things for the Beach

photo 2

After spending the weekend at the Beach here on the West Coast, I recalled a post from last summer. Thank you Outer Banks. This is a re-post, including photos from last year.  Let’s talk a few things you may need for a relaxed day at the beach. Food Tenderizer.  Yep.  This is an easy first aid remedy in case of a […]

Lessons in Life

Daphney ENGE-0105

Lessons in Life via The Beagle Brigade Be happy to see those you love The power of a compliment Play Say I’m sorry Include everyone Show your joy Nap Let your needs be known Be loyal Share Have a favorite toy Don’t hold a grudge Be supportive Protect and defend those you love What you […]

Blogging Boot Camp San Diego Part Deux


Continued from yesterday…. here is Blogging Boot Camp San Diego Part Deux. I would like to share with you a list jammed packed full of what I learned last weekend at the Sits Girls Bloogy Bootcamp Conference.  There was so much information.  This post could go on and on and on. But that would be boring.  […]

A Pinteresting 2011 Vision Board.


Photo Credit Wiley Valentine Pinterest. Have you heard of it? For those looking for a dynamic way to track your ideas, check photos & links that catch your eye online (always attributing images to their original source) and perusing the interests of others, cheap you are going to love Pinterest. In keeping with a bulletin […]

8 Tips for Holiday Party Planning Confidence


I’ve loved parties since I was knee high to a grasshopper. {That is me (white Barrett) and Gigi (fuchsia dress) in the photo} My mother and grandmother have entertained many through the years and the memories of fabulous times have helped shape my modern day love of a great get together. Both Mom and Gigi […]

What I learned on Emmy night; a list


I sat down to write a post about a delightful find and something became distracting beyond compare: The Emmy’s Here is a list of what I learned tonight, in no particular order. Jane Lynch, loved her acceptance speech, Sue Sylvester your award was so well deserved. Jon Hamm is on my island, such a sexy […]