Friday Favorites

Duffy Ride-038 ff

1. Haage Daz my love for you is true. It is a sweet sweet LOVE that will last forever.

2. Where is Rick Moranis these days? His improvisations in Ghostbusters, (shot in one continuous take) where legendary. A few more unscripted great Movie  Moments.

3. If my oldest wasn’t growing up so fast, her hair would be perfect for this.

4. Dropbox you are awesome, let me count the ways.

5. Photography site I am constantly studying.

6. Wanna come over for dinner? Here is how it will be.

7. He reminds me for how my Daddy may have danced when he was a young fella. I’m sure of it.

8. Need a good cry? Grab a tissue because I love you to the moon and back.

9. A post just like this, mine is coming soon.

10. Lost my aviators, but I found SALT

11. When it’s 2am and I cannot sleep, a party for one, with a little milk always seems to do the trick.

12. Bought an iPhone 5 this morning. Of couse, a new Case to go with.

13. So Naughty, I’ll take two.

14. Dinner a Love Story, my latest cookbook obsession.

15. Lastly, Ree I miss your sassy dance moves.

Stay cool this weekend, it’s gonna be sizzling here in So Cali,










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