14 Retro Chic Fonts

Let’s talk about fonts, 14 Retro Chic Fonts. All super bitchen.

I casually came across the font Caviar Dreams a while back. This was when it all began. Being caught off guard, I was unprepared by how deeply and uncontrollably I loved it. The subtle tilt of the lower case ‘e’ and the uppercase ‘Q’ was what at first caught my fancy. After studying the rest, I fell hook – line – sinker.  When this font becomes as common at Arial or Times Roman, or even used in passports; I dream of the day. Don’t you just love it?caviar dreams 2

After finding my Caviar Dream, the font expedition took off.  Discoveries were abound. Would you like to see what I found? Here you go, 14 Retro Chic Fonts. Some free to download, others muy expensivo. Saving my pennies for a few of these. In no particular order:

  banda banner  

Hipster Script (used for the Instagram Logo) and Banda

cupcake fontduke banner

Cupcake and Duke

lombriz bannerlavanderia_banner

Lombriz and Lavanderia


Lobster and Sofia

monroe_fontGood Wishes

Monroe and (In 2012 not released yet – cannot wait!)

\feel script font w

Feel Script – my eye keeps coming back to this one.

brochure storefront copy ALL

Storefront – so hip.

kewl script font banner

And last but not least, Kewl Script.

A typeface that makes me weak in the knees. This one will make me cheat on Caviar Dreams for sure.

Now time for the kicker. Most all of these fonts come from a typeface collaborative know as Sudtipos. A group of highly talented folks.

Ale Paul is one of the founders. Think of him as a Picasso to Fonts.  Would you think me crazy if it was a bucket list item to meet him someday?

I just know he would totally get this joke.

comic sans

To see more of his brilliant work check out the Sudtipos Gallery HERE. I do everyday – it ‘s my happy place.

Do you have a favorite font? Please share, I am dying to know.



  1. Hipster! Such a cool font.

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