Twitter and Instagram – A Few Funny and Inspiring Feeds

Here are a few online friends from Twitter and Instagram that make me smile, either by their brilliant wit or crazy awesome iPhone photos. Let’s start with the wit first. Twitter is terrific for breaking news, bloggers, banter during the Academy Awards (or any award show for that matter), and all sorts of trends. However, most of […]

Two Essential iPhone Apps for Earthquakes

We have had a flurry of earthquakes here in Southern California over the last 12 hours. Want to know how many? 26 as of 11:30 PST 8/8/2012. Think it’s time to share two essential iPhone apps for Earthquakes. I’ve kept track of earth quakes ever since the San Andreas Fault North Ridge Quake (6.7m) of […]

The Getty Center

Magical Places. I keep a little black book of em’. Standing in the fog near the San Francisco Bridge listening to the fog horn. A misty-magic place. Kilauea Volcano, on Maui, home to Pele’, the volcano goddess. Say no more. The Outer Banks of North Carolina where wild horses run free on the beach, a […]

As the World Turns in the OC, California

Hello Friends. I have been away from the ole blog for a bit for a few reasons. One, Orange County has been hugely busy this June and Two, I have a pain in my ass lower back. This pesky pain does not allow me to sit down for long. We are looking into it, no […]

Napa or Sonoma?

Napa or Sonoma? That is the question. If you are going on a wine-o weekend, stuff which do you choose? Inquiring minds. Well, remedy after umpteen trips to this wonderful Northern California region, I hope that I’ve got an informed wine-o-opinion. First, let’s talk about Sonoma. Wineries here tend to be smaller, friendlier, and more […]

Friday Finds Round Up

Did you know I was once a San Franciscan? If I smashed my face against the window of my flat, I had a view of the bridge.  In honor of this, I’m here to tell you the Golden Gate Bridge is turning 75 this Sunday, May 27. I’ll be there. To pay homage and all, […]

Friday Favorite Finds Roundup

I want to eat these all day long French Onion Soup Sandwiches. Come Fall, clinic these New Lunch Boxes, remedy will be ours. Due to Catherine McCord and her inspiration. Have you ever had hot Balsamic Reduction Sauce over vanilla ice cream? An iPhone 4 Pocket Projector is a brilliant idea. Cannot. Stop. Laughing. Fruit […]

Shades of Grey Casting

We are all reading it. This Shades of Grey book. Well, maybe some more than others. But I’ll tell ya, there is so much controversy surrounding this series of books. Three books in total. Yes, I’m reading them – you know, to see what all the fuss is about. Don’t worry, I’m not going to […]

All Hail The Bloggers Help Desk

It was the day my site almost came to a blogging deadend. Yes, stuff fresh off a completely relaxing Spring Break vacay. I was stuck. REALLY STUCK. A word that rhymes with stuck was living rent free upstairs most of the day. Until The Bloggers Help Desk came to the rescue. Let’s back up. {I’ll […]