UCLA Theta 20th Reunion Part I

Last Friday I was itchy to leave the house. The UCLA Theta 20th Reunion was calling. I kissed DH and the little people good-bye and was off to play with my Theta sisters. The destination was the Balboa Bay Club in Newport Beach for the weekend. I bring you today Part I from my camera […]

Camera Settings for Pets

Pets, generic animals or any wildlife in general all need special camera settings. Our furry feathered friends do not pose or hang out for very long. So you need to be quick. With this in mind, I feel, camera settings for pets, your shutter speed needs to be king. The following is my recipe (using […]

Opening a Film Time Capsule

Back in the day, sick I used a film camera. I thought about that old friend today. While updating picture frames in my oldest daughter’s room, store we came across a Film Time Capsule. Underneath the existing photo was a handful of photographic treasures I had left behind. All straight out of that trusted Canon […]

Bits and Pieces from Yesterday

A day in the life, online Southern California style. 5:45am More 7:00am 7:15am 7:30am 9:00am Sunglasses and Bi-Focal Discussion 9:30am 10:00am 11:30am 12:30pm The Maddox Daphney Buddy 1:30pm on hold. 2:30pm Laundry, remedy jealous. I know you are. snuggles Let’s ride 4:00 pm mail time 5:00pm Dinner prep 5:15pm Smells good 5:30pm 6:30 Angels vs. […]

Wordish Photo Wednesday

Been busy. Lawdy. Two words, Silent Auction (committee of one). You should see my house. It’s reminiscent of the week I took off to read the Twilight Series. Dirty dishes to the ceiling, laundry both clean and not so clean strewn everywhere. You get the picture. So for now, for today, I’ll share a few […]

Instagram time for #MARCHphotoaday

It has been a while since we did an Instagram recap. We are now well into March and the last one was February . Time flies. Wow – let’s get caught up, help why don’t we? So from IG friend @fatmumslim’s inspiration, buy viagra let’s get to work. Straight from my iPhone, here is the Instagram feed. […]

A UCLA Campus Visit

DH and I met in a little bar on the corner of Gayle and Weyburn in 1991 just off the Campus. It was known as Santopietro at the time. More recently, say in the 2000’s,  the bar went by the name of Maloney’s On Campus. Today, I do not know who owns it, but the […]

InstaFriday with another #FEBphotoaday Recap

It’s that day of the week again! Time to share those moments captured on our iPhones. This time I wanted to let you all know about a link-up. Click on the button above to read all about it. Thanks Jeannett. Here are the hap’s in Orange County, California this week from photo-a-day. The prompts are […]

Instagram Photo Recap for FEBphotoaday

Let’s pick up at Day 11 for #FEBphotoaday.  Some days I posted more than one pic for the prompt. Hi, my name is Kathleen and I over share. The titles below the pic are the prompts given, which you are set out to ‘capture’. Here is the latest Instagram Photo Recap for #FEBphotoaday, the big […]