Cookie Party a 6yo GNO

Okay this was really a GDO (day) in all truth, not a legitimate GNO for the books.  You see, a few weeks back, I left for a Mommy GNO. It was with my cherished elementary school besties. My youngest caught on. The following day DEMANDS were made for her very own elementary ‘GNO’.  It had to commence immediately. She had to make up for lost time.  A list of her classmates was made and invitations were sent. Like mother  – like daughter, just didn’t think this would start a 6.

Tonight I bring you what a 6yr old GDO, deep in the OC, looks like. I hope these freeze frames bring a smile during this hectic time of year.

Coco Cookie Party 2012e-4945Coco Cookie Party 2012e-4978Coco Cookie Party 2012e-5011Coco Cookie Party 2012e-4972

Next up, Dance Party. They’ve got moves better than mine. One Direction brought out the fancy ones.

Coco Cookie Party 2012e-5019Coco Cookie Party 2012e-5028Coco Cookie Party 2012e-5024Coco Cookie Party 2012e-5069Coco Cookie Party 2012e-5049Coco Cookie Party 2012e-5062

Coco Cookie Party 2012e-4993

always thinking Merry and Bright,



  1. Coco’s GDO party was a superific idea! What great pictures to capture the fun day!

  2. Super super cute!!!!

  3. So adorable!!!

  4. How fun!!! I want to be 6 again 🙂 The adorable girl in the boots reminds me of Shirley Temple

  5. Love it. What a great tradition to pass along. I worship our GNOs
    Super sad I miss the holiday one
    Love love

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