It’s a Wonderful Life

Bonds with my oldies, sick but goodies. To set the record straight, I’m referring to friendships here, not age. Come on. However, after last night, I am definitely feeling it. Slow on the up-start and coffee did not help. Aleve Gel caps were my panacea of choice. Let’s just say I was licking my wounds. […]

Spring Break Palm Desert Style

The kids are out of school on Spring Break, viagra Palm Desert was calling. Palm Desert is only an hour and a half away from the OC (without traffic). Once you arrive, with the weather and the feel of the resort, you could have been in Hawaii, Cabo, or Florida. But we were right in […]

Food From My Frontier by Ree Drummond

Ree Drummond is also known as The Pioneer Woman. She is the wife of a rugged sexy chaps wearing cowboy (all those adjectives are correct) and mother of four fun-loving children on The Drummond Ranch in Oklahoma. She has horse, and sometimes cow, poop on her front porch more times than she likes to admit.  […]

A Montage Resort in Laguna Birthday and Cheese Plate

I just turned 42 years old, yep that’s me. My dad still cannot believe it.  He shakes his head in disbelief every time I mention it. Strangely, I still feel like I’m in my twenties. Perhaps a better way to say it would be, I just turned 28 with 14 years experience. Yes indeedy, staying […]

Christmakwanzakah GNO

We all have known one another for a quite a while. Jenna: our parents are best friends. Back in the day, click her mom and my mom would co-op childcare to get errands done. 42 years ago the OC was Orange Groves sans baby sitters. Jenna and I shared a playpen learning how to suck […]

A Dry Land Boat Parade that Shines in the OC

No water, that’s right. It’s a Dry Land Boat Parade ! Our town has an annual boat parade, with bright lights, an infectious spirit, plus Santa.  It’s a take-off on all those fancy-dancy harbor parades off the Pacific, a few miles away.  It has become a cherished tradition here in my part of the OC. […]

Company 77 Mobile Pizza Unit Birthday Party

  Last October, we were pondering, what in the heck are we going to do for our middle man’s birthday? Middle man has a third week in December birthday.  It’s an interesting predicament, to say the least.  Knowing from a lifetime of “Christmas-Birthday” combo gifts, having a birthday party the week before Santa arrives is […]

Whirlwind Weekend Recap with Duran Duran and Neon Trees

Press Passes for the Duran Duran and Neon Trees concert in San Diego.  We had them; Lindsey from Modchik Photography and myself. The purpose of the Press Pass was to capture photos of fans for Duran Duran’s social media team.  These photos were then to be posted on Duran Duran’s Facebook Page.   The only interesting twist […]

A new iPhone App to Love: iMovie

httpv:// Apple made such a terrific improvement with the iPhone4’s video recording capabilities.   Now with the iMovie App, it has brought an advanced video editing options to the table.  Let’s make some videos people! When you’re working on a small iPhone screen, you need everything to be quick and easy to use.  This is precisely what you will […]