Socially Snubbed

Maddox and Buddy have been trying to accept the fur baby.  Buddy, seems agreeable, most of the time, except when she wants to play with him. He tolerates her with gritted teeth until a full speed body slam occurs from across the yard.  Then he gets grouchy. Meanwhile, Maddox, the ultra cool King is quiet, UNTIL, the puppy begins her shenanigans. Then he will bark, […]

Children Dealing with the Loss of a Pet

Darcey went to Doggie Heaven shortly after Christmas, 2009. Thank goodness my ‘right hand’ was here 24/7 during the holidays, a blessing for our family. Somehow, I feel Darcey held on until we all could say good-bye together. The loss of a pet is never easy. When dealing with euthanasia and the ultimate loss of a pet brings up conflicting and difficult emotions. […]

December 29, 2009 – Darcey Died

Darcey was sick with cancer and the day had come where she needed to be free of pain and frolic in heaven. The day was confusing, sickening and horribly sad. I escaped on the web from time to time and happened upon Auburn Beagle. I picked up the phone and spoke to the one person, […]