So it has been awhile my long lost friends.

So sorry. I really have missed you.

To answer to defcon5 silence for so long, I have a few reasons. In no definite order:

1. I was struggling with what I made public in this space vs. what I should maybe keep private.

2. Time.

3. Priorities.

4. My time capsule :  Realizing my photography became what I was blogging about and not what I was living with the peeps, there was a sharp life disconnect.

So how do we make this work?

Let’s just go slow and work it out, K?

For beginners, lets start with the beagles,  from where this blog originally started.

beagles 11-2013m beagles 11-2013-4d beagles 11-2013-2b

Maddox has a tumor which has knocked out his vision, Daphney is getting chubby after her hysterectomy, and Buddy is irritated with both of their issues.

With Maddox’s blindness, his nose now rules the universe. This means trash cans and pantry raids are beyond common any day of the week. We have resorted to metal child locks, since he chewed through the Home Depot Plastic ones, as well as a home monitoring system. Or you may call it a beagle Nanny Cam.

Want one?

Here is the one we use:

Dropcam Wi-Fi Wireless Video Monitoring Camera via Amazon.com:

It  is a cloud-based Wi-Fi video monitoring service that helps you stay connected to places, people and pets. Receive activity alerts on your smartphone, tablet or computer. It takes 5-10 minutes to complete the full setup process, including open the box to getting video streams online. PZPZ.

We now can make sure Maddox has not gone nuclear by wreaking havoc in the kitchen while we are gone.  And hey, if he is getting into trouble, the camera has a speaker we can access via the iphone. Shouting NO NO NO, has a whole new meaning while he is up to shenanigans.

I’ve missed you too,







  1. Keep writing…… 😀

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