What the Teen Beach Movie Taught My Youngest

Disney’s Teen Beach Movie was discussed for months ad naseum here at base camp. Was the DVR set to record? It was a daily anxiety provoking question for my youngest. We had planned on being far away at a beach house the night it aired. Luckily the home had Cable and the Disney Channel was front and center on that special night.

If you missed it, ampoule the story is a blend of beach day 50’s nostalgia and teen romance. You know, prostate family friendly programming sending those wholesome messages about individuality, self-awareness, and positive relationships. Complete Disney material, think High School Musical on the beach.

Since the flick features a young lady surfer, my youngest was smitten with the idea she could surf the waves too. If there is a will, there is a way and she had will, lots of it.

Faria Beach July 2013 (1 of 1)

Beater Practice. (What is a Beater? A soft-foam board that can be used as a skimboard, a bodyboard or even a surfboard, but it’s surf-legal at city beaches such as San Clemente, Huntington Beach and Seal Beach during ‘blackball,’ a period when stand-up surfing is banned at posted locations.)

Faria Beach July 2013 (2 of 7)

Upgrade to a Long Board

Faria Beach July 2013 (3 of 7)

Professional Assistance

Faria Beach July 2013 (4 of 7)

and she got her way.

Faria Beach July 2013 (6 of 7)

All the way to shore.

Thank you Teen Beach Movie. A surfer girl has been born.



  1. That’s awesome! I wish we lived closer to the beach – my boys would live surfing lessons, especially after they watched teen beach movie – the songs are still being sung around here 🙂
    Deanna recent posted..Summer Break Day One

  2. How cool is this?! I love it!
    Kate Pantier @ Project Hermosa recent posted..Rodan + Fields Skin Care Update

  3. Amazing photos!!! Love!

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