Christmas Photos from Deep in the OC

Little ones at home and VPE-4146Little ones at home and VPE-4139Curtis December-4833Martin Newborn 2012-4579Coco Cookie Party 2012e-4838Coco Cookie Party 2012e-4887Coco Cookie Party 2012e-4886Christmas 2012e-5311Christmas 2012e-5150Christmas 2012e-5072Christmas 2012e-5359Christmas 2012e-5407Christmas 2012e-5164Christmas 2012e-5127Christmas 2012e-5685Christmas 2012e-5588Christmas 2012e-5553Christmas 2012e-5692Christmas 2012e-5596Christmas 2012e-5603Christmas 2012e-5691Christmas 2012e-5467

Much Love, physician sickness

Do you have New Year’s Eve Plans?



  1. Beautiful. Xo


  1. […] are a darn good take off. They have become a Christmas Morning […]

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