Disneyland, Southern California Holiday Style

Diseyland and DCA 2012E-008Disneyland.

The happiest place on earth. Living here in Southern California, sometimes you loose sight of the 500 acre utopia right in your back yard. We go once a year. I wish it was more frequent like it once was for our family. The days before school drop-off’s and pick-up’s were spent enjoying year round passes. Just to spend a few hours taking in a couple of rides broke up the day between naps. Now a days, I dream of a Disneyland pass from 3pm – park closing. We could skip on over to the Matterhorn, followed by Nemo, then Autopia, and Pirates of the Caribbean all before closing time with just enough time left in the day for homework. The following week, Disneyland California Adventure would be our playground. Perhaps someday.

But for now, have you seen the brand new California Adventure Holiday Decorations?

Holy Moly. Talk about creative.

Diseyland and DCA 2012E-072For the back story, the Disney folks headed up by the ultra charming David Caranci, Manager of Resort Enhancement, developed a holiday look for Car’s Land. Complete with mistletoe and sparkly lights. They felt they had a home run.

Well, once John Lassiter, creator of Cars from Pixar, viewed the plan, he gave it the ugly buzzer. Loudly. Go back to the drawing board and think like a CAR Disney!

After licking their wounds, a new plan was ‘Imaginered’. I must say, the results are captivating. The place is decked out in unique and festive seasonal decor.  Each address along the Car’s land, Route 66 – Flo’s V-8 Café, Fillmore’s Cozy Cone Motel, Luigi’s Casa Della Tires and more – feature holiday decor that reflect the personality of the “Cars” character who live there.

Would you like to see a peak? Good, I hoped you would say yes!

Diseyland and DCA 2012E-036Diseyland and DCA 2012E-114Diseyland and DCA 2012E-125Diseyland and DCA 2012E-132Diseyland and DCA 2012E-141Diseyland and DCA 2012E-069

By the way, the classic department store Santa Clause is waiting for you at  Buena Vista Street in California Adventure. At this main street department store, Elias & Co., children of all ages can whisper to Santa their holiday wishes. Even I wanted to kick off my heels and cozy up to ole St. Nick after my visit to that Cozy Cone Motel.

Wait, there is more. Jumping over to Disneyland, there is a light show to behold. It’s a Small World has been decorated with more than 300K glittering lights thanks to Sylvania.

Diseyland and DCA 2012E-159

Are you curious to see what that may look like? Let’s let Mickey and Minnie, accompanied by the Plummer Family (headed by Marine Corps Staff Sergeant, decorated with a Purple Heart, thanks for Operation Homefront) light the way.

Diseyland and DCA 2012E-199Diseyland and DCA 2012E-201

Pretty Darn Cool. That is how Disneyland does it Southern California Style.

I can’t wait to get back to Disneyland California Adventure to get another helping of Route 66, hope to see your there!

Have a great weekend Friends,




  1. We were there last week too! And Cars Land at night was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. The line was always too long though so we never rode it (it was the ONLY line that was over 30 minutes and it was 60-90 every time we went by). Nothing more magical than Disneyland during the Holidays! Love your pics girl! xoxo

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