Layered Bob Thanks to Kate and Marisa

Pratt 50th-5524

No, this is not the new layered bob hair.

This is the photo of me and my Daddy, when I realized it was time for a  hair makeover.

Okay. The pic was taken in Palm Springs, and it was a billion degrees and I was shooting the party. However, there should be no excuse. Stringy hair is just not a good look for me. The photo was speaking volumes that as you get older your hair thins. Fact of life, pass me the bottle of Biotin. Sigh. The time had come for me and my longish hair to part ways.

Enter fabulous Kate.

Last December, Kate from posted her hair cut on Pinterest that knocked my socks off.

I pinned it to my 2012 Vision Board with the comment, “Maybe – just Maybe”.

pinterest board

I loved the layered bob length, barely brushing the shoulders. But, I was still clinging to my long hair.

8 months later, after digesting the Palm Springs photo, I realized the time had come.

Last week, Marisa, at Salon Lucca Bella in Anaheim Hills was handed Kate’s layered bob guide.


She went to work. Studying and clipping and studying the photos some more.

I love Marisa.


First cut, quite titillating.

The end result, drum roll please.

Kate’s layered bob,

IMG_5838Theta Reunion 100

So. Much. Better.

I strongly urge you to visit Kate’s Blog. Also check out her Pinterest boards. It’s complete hair inspiration nirvana, something to behold. I could click-through her pins all day long.  Go on now, she has terrific stuff.

Thank you Kate and Marisa for making a gal feel pretty

– smooches.



  1. SO CUTE! One hot mama!
    Jen [Tiny Oranges] recent posted..Free Oopsy Daisy Art Party at Newport Cottages

  2. LOVE IT!!! wow, might be my new hair inspiration too!!! I definitely need a change…thanks so much for sharing!!
    Jen @ Lita’s World recent posted..Fave 5 Guys!

  3. You are gorgeous my friend! I love the new look on you!
    Heather recent posted..Star Wars: Jedi Training Academy {part 3}

  4. You look GREAT! Love the cut on you!

  5. Darling!!!!

  6. That’s so funny…I attacked that poor girl at blissdom because a handful of my former clients wanted me to give them that cut, or help them find someone who could. She’s adorable 🙂
    Deanna recent posted..Easiest Yummiest Potatoes Ever!

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