Gone But Not Forgotten {Shop Talk}

Brightening SPF 50 UV Protective Face BaseWhile it’s certainly not as devastating as no wine in the fridge, a parking ticket or rained-out golf, discovering your favorite cosmetic has been discontinued can sometimes feel like a terrible, horrible loss. Recently I was overcome by this feeling. My Bobbie Brown SPF 50 UV Protective Face base was;

Gone But Not Forgotten.

When Bobbie Brown decided to drop this gem. Mind you, not only was it a newly launched product, but extremely popular as well. I was hopping mad, as well as devastated. The daunting task of scanning eBay and engaging in bidding wars was weighing heavily on my vanity.

After openly weeping to the Bobbie Brown customer service operator, she shared that along with other Estée Lauder brands, Bobbie Brown sells their discontinued items {if still available} directly to the consumer via ‘Gone But Not Forgotten’.  If your favorite shade of nail polish is in a warehouse somewhere in Kalamazoo, they will find it and ship it to you. You pay upfront with a credit card in hopes they will find your request. If so, the item will usually arrive in 10 days.  If the product cannot be found, your credit card will not be charged. They will search for products that have been discontinued within the last 24 months. You may request 6 at one time.

Can I get a Hallelujah?

To find products from Estée Lauder brands, i.e., Clinique, Prescriptives, Bobbi Brown, MAC, La Mer, Origins, Jo Malone, American Beauty, Good Skin.

Just call: (800) 216-7173

You may be on hold for a few minutes, but it’s worth it.

Six of these babies arrived today.


No longer shaking from withdrawals.



  1. Hallelujah

  2. Awesome – good to know. I wish I had a hope of finding my all time favorite skin cream by Estée Lauder, but it’s been gone for ages… 🙁
    Deanna recent posted..Ringling Brothers – not your mama’s circus!


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