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Hello Friends.

I have been away from the ole blog for a bit for a few reasons. One, Orange County has been hugely busy this June and Two, I have a pain in my ass lower back. This pesky pain does not allow me to sit down for long. We are looking into it, no worries – I’ve got my people on it.

On to a fun recap, photo style, because my spine is already complaining.


Special Graduations

Frank is 40-034

40th Birthday parties, wow wee quantities of libation.

VPE 1st grade square dancing 057

Square Dancing.

Coco's 6th Birthday 187

Princess Birthday Parties.

Vpe lipsynch Sawyer 467

Newborn Photo Shoots

home life sawyer 024

Burrata cheese, pears, prosciutto, balsamic reduction with arugula.

home life sawyer 035

Strawberry Strawberry Shortcakes

home life sawyer 135

More Princess Parties, sorry Daphney.

And Les Miserable….. twice

so worth every penny because –

Mama Mary says it best over HERE.

She took the words RIGHT out of my post….

Who else here is anxiously awaiting for this December present.

Hugh Jackman as Jean Valjean

Russell Crowe as Javert

Anne Hathaway as Fantine

Jumpy Claps!

Tomorrow the Getty Center stay tuned,



  1. So jealous that you saw it twice! Was it the same cast that is coming down to San Diego in a few weeks? I want to see if live one more time before seeing the movie, which I will undoubtedly see 50 times. Thanks for the shoutout, sister! xoxo
    Mama Mary recent’s so fluffy i could die, really

    • Kathleen says

      I’ll drive down half way and we can see it in December together, lets say it will be our beyond 5th time methinks.

      Oh hey, did you hear that the filming and singing was done raw. No lip synch to a recorded song later. They filmed the real deal. Cannot Wait. cannot wait.

  2. My Dear, thinking of you and love what you do!!! xoxo

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