It’s a Wonderful Life

Bonds with my oldies, sick but goodies.

To set the record straight, I’m referring to friendships here, not age. Come on. However, after last night, I am definitely feeling it. Slow on the up-start and coffee did not help. Aleve Gel caps were my panacea of choice. Let’s just say I was licking my wounds. Good times.

I’ve known these compatriots most of my life. Going on four decades. Okay, so now I did just age myself.

For time travel purposes, a High School pic. However, we had been tied together long before this capture.

gno western day

From the right to the left: Kammi & Lance her HS sweetie, Julie, Mio and Maylin. Nice jeans Kammi. Hiya Paige and Buffy!

4 of us

Fast forward to our lil 20th HS reunion. Nik, Kat, Kammi and Kelly. Tears well up when I think about how my life has touched these women. Just how different it would be if I had never been born. A true Wonderful Life sentiment.

Julie would have never found her husband

Kelly would not live in Maui

etc. etc. etc.

But it goes both ways. DH may not have been my man without Nik up there.

Pause; to compose myself.

So, after College we all made a pact to meet for dinner once a month. We did. When children entered it became once a quarter. We all understood.

gno 2008 go

Some nights we had cart-wheel contests. DH called it Cougar Olympics.

bikes gno

Others, we rode our kids play equipment. Shhhh, don’t tell them now.

Jennas Bachelorette 052Jennas Bachelorette 057Jennas Bachelorette 086Jennas Bachelorette 045

And we always had the Beach House.

Letting our hair down, being obnoxious, NEVER acting our age and laughing until we pee’d has kept us young at heart.


Nik is going to kill me for this one.

gno nikki carrot

Okay, I’ll be nice nice.….

gno may 2010

Keep it sassy honey. Forgive me?

So tonight, as I type, I urge you to reach out and love an old friend. The best mirrors in life are those.

I leave you with final images from 24 hours ago:

GNO Kelly 103GNO Kelly 048GNO Kelly 134

Missed you Nik…. and your baby carrots.

Until we laugh again,



  1. xo

  2. I love this so much. I have several lifelong friends that I truly cherish more than anything. My family and I have had our moments, but these girls have been the rock I’ve leaned on my entire life. True blessings! Have a wonderful weekend

    ps. Acting your age is for the birds!
    Betsy recent posted..The Great List 05.18.2012

  3. Marybeth-Buffy says

    You ladies are truly blessed to have stayed so close! Aging beautifully I must say! Hugs to you all.

  4. Moved sweet Kathleen…that you can capture and share your heart. xoxo

  5. Cougar Olympics! Love it! I tried to do a cartwheel when my daughter was learning to do them, and let’s just say that I’m pretty sure childbirth affects your gravity points, too. And that grass isn’t as soft as it looks, lol.

    I have some wonderful high school friends, and when I see them is when I laugh the hardest.
    Laural Out Loud recent posted..Apparently I Have Eyeball Issues

    • Kathleen says

      Laural, that cartwheel drama ended up with a broken toe. Yep trying to do things that are not meant to happen when your center of gravity has shifted. Still good times all around.

  6. Memories


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