A Slightly Different Bucket List

I’ve always wanted to write a bucket list; for things I have never done or 40 things before 40.  I know you have heard of them. But here’s the thing, stuff buy cialis when I start, sale writers block sets in. My fingers stop tapping on the keyboard.  I can come up with; Effie Tower, French Laundry, and learn a new language. Then the well runs dry. Whatevs. Frustrated, I tuck it away for another day.

Until I came across a work in progress that inspired me. Thirty Things Before Thirty from my home-slice Joy. It’s a slightly different bucket list. It’s not so much a list about Sky Diving or Swimming with Sharks. It’s more about making yourself and others feel good. Really good. Think cloud nine. Would you care to join me, trust me, it’s good stuff.

Forty Things for my Forty-ish Years.


Kiss each member of my family once a day.

Read 2 extra books at little people’s bedtime.

The Perfect Pair-106

Buy 3 strangers their morning coffee.

Deliver 4 people flowers for no reason

Send 5 people photos I’ve taken of them – framed.

Mail 6 hand-written letters.

Forward 9 favorite links to 9 favorite people.

Bake 8 cakes to give away.

Compliment 9 strangers.

Have 10 lunches with my mom or dad.


Share 11 bottles of good wine with friends

Make 12 dinners for my parents.

Hug my kids 13 times in one day.

Take 14 walks with a friend.

Leave 15 nice comments on 15 other blogs.

Kammi GNO-023

Bring 16 hostess gifts to fun occasions

Enjoy 17 sunsets in silence.

Send 18 unexpected thank you cards.

Walk the Beagles 19 times.

Cook for 20.

Donate 21 pieces of clothing to charity.

The Perfect Pair-108

Quietly leave 23 cupcakes at the elementary school’s break room

Mail 24 Thank-You notes with in 24 hours.

Pour wine/champagne refills in 25 glasses

Tip 26 percent more at breakfast

On 27 occasions, Volunteer my time

Let traffic go ahead of me 28 times

Answer 29 emails immediately

Message DH’s feet for 30 minutes

Give 31 doughnuts to my little person to share with their class at snack time.

Surprise a friend with a 32 ounce Ice Tea.

Wrap 33 gifts

tee hee cake

Inspire 34 friends

Let DH sleep 35 minutes longer on the weekend

Find 36 amazing items to give to our schools silent suction

Share 37 great wine finds.

Learn 38 stars constellations to teach my kids.

Watch 39 waves crash on the beach.

Manicure 40 nails and toes


Hug 41 special people.

Tell 42 how terrific they are

That is all for now.

What about you, like to add one?


** stay tuned for completion updates.


  1. Honey you can send me cake, wine, links, notes, what have you any time you want! I love this list, and all similar ideas. I try to make small things like this a part of my everyday if I can
    Betsy recent posted..The Great List 04.27.2012

  2. Nighttime cookie delivery! <3

  3. I love this list! You’ve inspired me to make my own.
    Wendy recent posted..Planning My Wedding Today | Chronically Distracted

  4. What a great post! Gives me a few ideas for future blog posts. Have a terrific week!
    Making Our Life Matter recent posted..Simple Woman’s Daybook~Last Sunday Of April 2012

  5. I LOVE this!!! What a great idea! It is the little things, the details, which mean so much to people. And I can only imagine how happy people will be when they are they recipient of one of your items. Your posts are so much more than just “posts.” There is always so much heart to them. Thanks for sharing that with us!
    sharon recent posted..I heart Legos

  6. That “hold my cake” quote is quite possibly the funniest thing ever!! I can’t stop giggling!
    This new kind of bucket list is my kind of list. I want to come up with a similar one. Thanks for the inspiration. — you always share great ideas 🙂 XO
    Heather recent posted..What is Cheeky Woman?

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