Tidbits to Catch Up


How are you doing? I’m back, after a very brief blogging hiatus.

To unload my mind, here it what is on the ole internal radar:

The Ellen Show. Love her. We record the show daily and dance with her in the aisles right here in the living room. It’s like we are there. Why the sudden love? Well, my oldest thinks she is funny. Also, I recently called the show for tickets and was treated so incredibly nice, despite the fact no tickets were available. I was floored and amazed. Seriously, when I called, I felt like I was chatting with Ellen herself. Hands down impressed. Check her out if you haven’t, she is my hero. Great catch there JC Penny.

Grady came to town last weekend. I fell in love with this baby boy. He is a UCLA Bruin’s offspring, which makes my heart grow even fonder. His Daddy played for the team which makes these pic’s even sweeter. GO BRUINS. psst I am proof Bruins and Trojans can be good friends. No offense out there USC friends.


Smooches and mushy hugs little man. You make my ovaries hurt.

Here is the rest of the radar, more crystalized.

1. Have you lost touch with current music trends. Not feeling very hip with your iTunes playlist. BooMama has a “sick” (see, I try) list for Grown up music choices.

2. My new menu ordering tactic, order what sounds the very least appetizing. Caveat, it should be a pretty high-end joint. I feel this combo makes complete sense. Read about it over here in Six Rules for Dining Out.

3. I read this to my little people every night before bed.  I have a small obsession with Dinner Etiquette.

4. For this Goop Cleanse, all we eat for lunch is Flame Broiler, Flame Broiler, Flame Broiler. Chicken Bowl with Brown Rice, please. After one week of a shake in the AM+Flame Broiler+PM Shake – I have not grown weary. Strange.

5. Home slice Joy talked about the warm weather here in Southern California. This of course involved Bikinis and Muffins. She’s brilliant.

Photos tomorrow.

Nice to see you again,




  1. I’ve been wanting to go see Ellen too…if I get tickets I’ll take you with me 🙂
    Deanna recent posted..Easiest Yummiest Potatoes Ever!

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