A Glenda Gies Girl Crush

Glenda Who?

I know. It does sound odd. But, there is a fabulous story behind it.

Rewind a few years back. There was a  Mommy who toted a purse that caught my eye. It was difficult. I wanted her bag to call my very own. However, at the same time, I did not want to offend her as being a “copy-cat”. Come now, “copy-cat” can be a strong word. Bless her heart, she was confident, didn’t mind. She shared her delightful find.

Enter Glenda Gies Hand Bags.

Glenda Gies-033

Do you NOT hear the angels sing? Look at that detail. Come now,  that clasp says it all.

Are you feeling my excitement?

So to round out the story, my short-term memory failed me. I forgot the designers name. I would walk around the house. Room by room, trying desperately to recall this fabulous designer’s name to Google. But, it was gone. I became a very sad panda.

Fast forward to 2012. I recently ran into this lovely mommy at a birthday party and pinned her down. Who Makes That Fabulous Bag?

Glenda Gies.

I raced home and ordered two. Yes. Yes, I did. The slush fund is proudly back to zero.

They arrived this past week and I cannot, for the life of me, put them down.


Glenda Gies-056Glenda Gies-001Glenda Gies-019Glenda Gies-028Glenda Gies-048Glenda Gies-003

I love it with all my heart. If you were wondering, the other IDENTICAL purse had a black background with dark brown accents and silver hardware. Swoon.

If you want to copy me, I would be honored. Here is the designers website:


My heart belongs to the “Roxanne”.



  1. great post, great bag, and DYING at the last pic! 😉
    Rory, Chocolate Hair / Vanilla Care recent posted..Flat Rope Twists and Top-Twist Ponytail

  2. Me like-y

  3. Love the bag, LOVE the pics! You’re hilarious…..going to check out her site now!
    Betsy recent posted..Artichoke, Kale and Ricotta Pie

  4. I think I may have to copy you! And love the shot on the exercise machine! 😉

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