Hostess Gift Idea No.1

As the dinners, open houses and cocktail parties fill up the social calendar, the dilemma of what to bring your host or hostess can be as puzzling. Sometimes I find it easier to decide upon an outfit vs. showing up with that thoughtful gift.  We usually bring a bottle of white or red, but on occasion it is nice to go above and beyond. This is where Hostess Gift Idea No. 1 begins.

Here is a really simple and inexpensive one. Target has a four-pack mini-bud vase set for only $4.29! I like to have two packs on hand, ready at a moments notice.


Next up are the flowers.  In the yard, depending on the time of year, flowers at my disposal.  I had them planted specifically for cutting to bring the outdoors, inside. They also help in making an impromptu arrangements on the fly. Camellias, roses, hydrangeas and gardenias are always well fertilized to bloom out of control. Go big or go home, right?


If we are running out the door to a social soirée, I grab the shears and a tiny vase. With a clip-clip and a wink of an eye, mission accomplished.

Don’t have yard foliage? Run to the market to buy two or three stems. Have the floral department give them a clip and off you go.

For me, a hostess gift says, “thanks for including me.” It needn’t to be extravagant or showy, just full of love.



  1. I love this idea and even more so I love that you always bring hostess gifts! I don’t always do that (although I almost always bring wine, that I end up drinking, does that count?

  2. Mom always said to take something with you, even if it’s just flowers, when you’re invited to someone’s home. I almost always take flowers or liquor or food. But I like this idea for Spring especially. and for $4.29 I’ll be grabbing a few of these to keep.
    Charlotte K recent posted..Can apartments be haunted?

  3. You are right, bringing something to a dinner is a must! I always bring wine or candies, but your ideas are great.

    This evening I’ve got a cool dinner with friends, and we guys have a special evening with a cool sport match. Since it’s at my house, I’m curious to see what they will bring 🙂

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