Instagram Photo Recap for FEBphotoaday

Let’s pick up at Day 11 for #FEBphotoaday.  Some days I posted more than one pic for the prompt. Hi, my name is Kathleen and I over share. The titles below the pic are the prompts given, which you are set out to ‘capture’.

Here is the latest Instagram Photo Recap for #FEBphotoaday, the big girl camera is getting lonely.

Off we go ….


Makes you happy (times 2)


Inside Your Closet and Blue


Blue (numero dos) and Heart


Phone and Something New


Two beyond the prompt bonus pics, see I told you I over share,

Swinging and Dog ball.

I’m thinking about an instagram weekly recap linky on the site. Whadya think friends? For other bloggers who wish to share their creativity for everyone to see. Hmmm, I think I’ll look into that.

Oh, one more thing. Instagram is having a Worldwide InstaMeet: Photowalk. Lindsey and I have been poked and prodded about heading up one for Orange County. She took the reigns and got the ball rolling.  Yeah Girl.  If you would like to join the meet up Click HERE.  We would love to see ya!

Take care friends,



  1. Nice shots! looks like real in imagination and made by a professional photographer.

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