A Merle Norman Find

Merle Norman. Stop it. Yes, capsule they are still around.

From this old school company, there is a product you need to know about.

Super-Lube. {umm – for the face, friends}

The middle man, who really does not care for chapped skin around the nose.  Who does?  Was in need.  During a play date, the caring Ms. Ally, offered up her magic Merle Norman Super-Lube to soothe his uncomfortable chafing situation. It was an epidermis miracle. Driving home, the middle man demanded this product be available at his basecamp.


It protects dry skin against extreme dryness with this super-emoliency. The magic is in the barrier it provides to the skin’s surface to prevent moisture loss. It delivers soothing relief to face, but it’s also great for super dry-prone areas like hands, cuticles, knees and elbows.

I think of it as clear, odorless Destin.

And with that, I believe there is nothing more to say.

We thank you profusely Ms. Ally.

I now have three of these in the ole medicine cabinet. I vow never to run out.

You can find it HERE at Merle Norman.



  1. You are so welcome. Love him like my own. BTW, 3 jars is a lifetime supply! My favorite MN product for mommy? 3 words: Eye shadow base. It also lasts forever.

  2. Wonderful product, this can help my skin not to dry in my environment at work.

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