Catching Up

What day is it?

It’s almost February?  Huh.

Feels like I’ve been spit out of a black hole in the space-time continuum. Adjusting to West Coast time after pulling too many all nighters on the East Coast can wreak havoc on those circadian rhythms.

Today we are catching up, so I can get a grasp on things and move forward. Join me if you will.


Beagle goodbyes and reminders that Spring is right around the corner.


Through security at John Wayne, not too bad, then up and away. Full throttle style.


Cheese and wine were my companions while crossing the country. Once in Fort Wayne, a blanket of white was my welcome mat.


Day two; see the green dot, that was base camp. A huge thunder-storm came through that night and washed away the 12” of snow.  Being a Southern California girl, I had never seen anything like it.  Slushy freezing cold water was what remained; everywhere.  I took it as an opportunity to capture the town without its white veil.  I knew it would be a long while until I returned again. I wanted to share this special city with my tribe back home.


I love Fort Wayne; for its simplicity and many fond memories from childhood summers. Packing up years of memories from this town was done honorably. This was my focus and time blended together. Until.


Inadvertent exhaustion photo followed by a send off dinner the next night. Thanks Daddy.


Want to know the best restaurant in Fort Wayne; with a great menu and terrific wine selection? At most restaurants in town, when you usually ask for a glass of wine at dinner the selection it is either White or Red. Not at at Chop, here a bottle of Etude Pinot Noir, Conundrum or Cakebread Chardonnay await.

Chops Steaks and Seafood

6421 W. Jefferson Blvd., Fort Wayne, IN 46804

Phone (260)436-9115


Here is where I also picked up my return plane picnic on the way to the airport. Thank you Chef for the terrific salami and cheese selections.


The next evening I puddled jumped to Chicago. Grabbed some fresh Garrett Popcorn in Terminal H, Chicago Mix of course, and boarded my connecting flight back to Cali.

80 degrees greeted me along with my tribe and Beagle Brigade.

They let me sleep all weekend.



  1. I adore Beagles. I don’t have pets, but if we ever get a dog, that’s what we’ll get. So cute! And I just love your photos!

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