Personal Photo Favorites July – Sept 2011

The summer months brought a change to my photography.  I slowed down.  Not in the sense of taking less photos, clinic or over checking aperture, treat shutter speed and ISO.  I learned that with each frame, pharm a photograph does not come from the camera, it comes from the minds-eye. I slowed down to let those creative juices flow, rethinking angles, light and emotion. I feel the following captures being to show this change.

I will post October thru December later today if I have time.

{psst… two words – Wild Boys}

Oh yes, the square photos are from my iPhone4 – instagram {@ksugarandspice}, do you have the App? It is a fun one!

Here are Personal Photo Favorites July – Sept 2011:


IMG_5934IMG_6335IMG_5987IMG_5996IMG_6053IMG_6011IMG_6352IMG_6395IMG_6402IMG_6558IMG_6416IMG_6583IMG_6603IMG_64964th of July 2011-0054th of July 2011-0694th of July 2011-0734th of July 2011-117IMG_6404Las Vegas THEhotel-027Eric David-104Eric David-140The Perfect Pair-108Summer  BBQ-056Summer  BBQ-130 Bachelorette-096 Bachelorette-140OC Great Park-045OC Fair 2011-039Old Photography-017


IMG_7466IMG_7505IMG_7557IMG_7738IMG_7751IMG_7795IMG_7798IMG_7922IMG_8026IMG_8031IMG_8107IMG_8128Rachael Rossman Beagles-04911-08-05 Blogher-00511-08-05 Blogher-01511-08-05 Blogher-03211-08-05 Blogher-10511-08-05 Blogher-035penny de los santso-099

Penny de Los Santos, thanks for the inspiration friend.

11-07-06 Riebe Wed-07211-07-06 Riebe Wed-08111-07-06 Riebe Wed-119Beagle Brigade night time -032Cream Corn with Feta and Cilantro-025St Pauls Summer-005St Pauls Summer-008St Pauls Summer-046St Pauls Summer-062Del Mar Race Track-010Del Mar Race Track-070Ice cream w-riebes-072Laskey11-26-8-035Laskey11-26-8-071


OC Street Fair-015OC Street Fair-032OC Street Fair-076OC Street Fair-107

Grammie and Lulu 11th-011Grammie and Lulu 11th-016IMG_8466

She was 98. I miss her so.

Grammie and Lulu 11th-028Grammie and Lulu 11th-051Grammie and Lulu 11th-069Grammie and Lulu 11th-101White on Rice-025

Todd and Diane’s work @WhiteOnRice – more great creative inspiration –xoxo


As September came to a close, I owe so much to my friend Lindsey. For drying my tears and taking me to Las Vegas/San Diego. What a stupendous 72 hours. Grammie would have been proud. Yep, those pic’s are coming up next, stay tuned.



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