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flipboard-iphoneI’m flipping out for a new iPhone App, Flipboard, and it’s not just me.  Did you know the Flipboard iPhone app has raked in over one million downloads.  Tiny detail, it JUST launched 10 days ago, December 6th.

What is so appealing you ask?

How about a pocket-sized social magazine right in your little hand that allows you to access all of your newsfeeds in quick bursts.

The Flipboard iPhone app, displays feeds from both formal news sources and social networks in a magazine-like layout.  You “flip” the pages by swiping your finger across your iPhone screen. Your entire newsfeed is at your disposal while in line for coffee, waiting at a doctor’s office or on the field at practices.  You can format your Flipboard iPhone app with the content you love to read, from the smallest blogs to Rolling Stone or Vanity Fair.  Furthermore, as you flip, you are able to mark interesting-looking items for later reading.

Wait there is more. It also allows you to add your content from Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter.  To top it all off,  it’s interactive.  You can puffy heart those Instagram photos or give a Facebook thumbs-up.  Conveniently, all in one place.

Go grab your phone, download the app, it’s free, and check it out.  The Flipboard iPhone app is beautifully engineered.  It ought to be, the folks in Palo Alto really put some thinking into this one.  It took nine months to build and it shows.

Here is a peak at my Pocket Magazine:


Los Angeles Times News


Photography – Thank you National Geographic, fantastic pic BTW (I saved this to come back later, must figure out this exposure)


Food – hello inspiration, the stories are endless.


Facebook – hiya friends.


Instagram – hearts to a favorite Beagle in Japan

I hope you flip for Flipboard’s iPhone App too, let me know what you think.

Have a great Friday and

Happy Merry Everything,



  1. Love this app rec. and loved your Happy Merry Everything! 🙂

  2. That looks pretty sweet! I’ve been using Pulse for reading blogs lately, but I like that this integrates the social media feeds!

  3. Downloading this today!

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