A Dry Land Boat Parade that Shines in the OC

No water, that’s right. It’s a Dry Land Boat Parade !

Our town has an annual boat parade, with bright lights, an infectious spirit, plus Santa.  It’s a take-off on all those fancy-dancy harbor parades off the Pacific, a few miles away.  It has become a cherished tradition here in my part of the OC.

The parade was started by a group of residents in the early 1980’s then faded out.  Perhaps it was the high school fellas being pulled by ski ropes on skate boards that did it.  However, in the 1990s, some die-hard’s started the parade again and it has been going strong ever since. Thanks guys, you know who you are.

You know what, it just keeps getting better. Residents along the parade route now throw great parties, cheering on the well decorated parade entries.

Good Times. Good Times.

Would you care to see a few pic’s to see what I’m talking about?

Okay, come along.


VPE Boat Parade 2011-027VPE Boat Parade 2011-003VPE Boat Parade 2011-001

Lights, Libation, and holy cow – Krispy Kreme Doughnut Snowmen.

VPE Boat Parade 2011-064VPE Boat Parade 2011-139VPE Boat Parade 2011-115VPE Boat Parade 2011-095VPE Boat Parade 2011-083VPE Boat Parade 2011-045

My sister is lucky enough to have a home along the parade route. She throws a great shindig. Here is a sweet capture of her with my dad cutting the rug. Yes, he is wearing our alma mater’s Santa cap {Go Bruin’s} and the song was In The Mood.

Happy Holiday Friends,


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  1. Kathleen….
    I remember being a part of the boat parade (on land) back in the 80’s…..
    My older brothers and their friends decorated their ski boat, and towed it with a flat bed truck where we all sat with one of their friends and his pet bangle tiger…..it was so cool!!!!
    Bet you dont see any of those in the years since they started it back up :o)
    Great memories growing up in VP!!
    Happy Holidays!!!!

  2. Good Times! Great memories! Bummed I missed those Krispy Kremes!

  3. We were just a block away!

  4. I miss our little boat parade! We lived in the OC for a while before we moved to San Diego and we used to walk over to the Ralphs shopping center to watch the beginning and end of the parade. So fun! I love that you still live where you grew-up:)
    BTW, “holy cow” is one of my favorite expressions!
    Love ya!

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