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Company 77 Mobile Pizza-403Last October, we were pondering, what in the heck are we going to do for our middle man’s birthday?

Middle man has a third week in December birthday.  It’s an interesting predicament, to say the least.  Knowing from a lifetime of “Christmas-Birthday” combo gifts, having a birthday party the week before Santa arrives is challenging for everyone involved.  Low attendance is hard not to take personally, especially when you are little.  Therefore, our family has made the executive decision to have the middle man’s party before Thanksgiving.

This Fall, there has been a-buzz online about a Pizza Fire Truck.  It looked super cool, perfect for a Sugar and Spice Shindig.

So what is this Pizza Fire Truck? It’s Company 77.  Straight from Mystic, Connecticut.

Company 77 Mobile Pizza-294-2

The Company 77 Party Fire Truck

The fire engine is a one-of-a-kind, bio-diesel, solar-powered mobile pizza unit with Bose/Kenwood six speaker sound system (iPod/mp3 ready), live video cam with flat panel widescreen TV and DVD, roof mounted water canon, fire truck light show, a kids control panel and fire truck stickers, “green” recycling system, and a trademark on-board “digital photo booth” ready to deliver custom portraits of all your guests in full party mode.  Good Times.

Company 77 Mobile Pizza-475

Christopher (Company 77 co-founder) and Barb were the team today.  Christopher back in 2008, was on his way home and spied a fire truck sitting on the side of the road with a bold “For Sale” sign displayed in the window.  His creative business juices flowed and the concept for Company 77 was born.

Christopher believed in the rigs potential. He designed, then implemented plans to convert and personalized the rig. They spent two years in Mystic, then headed to the west coast.  Here in Cali, he could offer up his custom designed fire truck and pizza’s year-round.

The mobile pizza unit can go anywhere.  They just need a relatively flat place to park the 26,000 pound, 30’ long truck.  Our street is on a slight incline and it still functioned perfectly.  The truck is primarily solar powered so electricity and water hookups are nice but not needed.

Company 77 Mobile Pizza-286

Everything 77 Mobile uses is “green” and recycled, no large carbon footprint left by this truck. No sir-ree-Bob.

company 77-338

company 77-298company 77-348

If your party is large enough, you can buy a keg for beers. Pizzas with cold beers on tap, you just can’t go wrong.

Company 77 Mobile Pizza-310Company 77 Mobile Pizza-317Company 77 Mobile Pizza-323

Here is Christopher working his delicious magic. The kitchen, on the top of the truck, can produce pizzas for up to 500 guests.  Now, that, would be a block party.

Company 77 Mobile Pizza-325

Ding, “pizzas are up”.

Sprouts thanksgiving c-birthday 344

company 77-347

They offer a variety of custom red and white pizzas.  Christopher uses California tomatoes, basil, garlic, a variety of cheeses, and a wide assortment of toppings that vary with the season, local and organic when possible. They also offer vegan and gluten-free options.

Here is a list of what Christopher has up his culinary sleeves:

    • Classic Cheese
    • Classic Pepperoni
    • Pesto Splash (pesto, mozzarella, garlic, tomato)
    • White Three Cheese (mozzarella, asiago, ricotta, garlic)
    • BBQ Chicken
    • Margherita (basil, mozzarella, tomato)
    • Spinach Leaf (fresh garlic, red sauce)
    • Bacon Mushroom
    • Hawaiian (pineapple, Canadian bacon)
    • Artichoke Heart & Pesto (garlic, sun-dried tomatoes)
    • Garden Pie (onion, pepper, broccoli, mushroom)
    • White Greek (spinach, feta, garlic)
    • White Chicken Pesto
    • Mac n’ Cheese

The Mac n’ Cheese Pizza was also a HUGE hit for the kids. Why hadn’t I thought of that for my little people?

Company 77 Mobile Pizza-357Sprouts thanksgiving c-birthday 445

Wait there is more….

Remember that fun-for-all Photo Booth mentioned above. Where the little ones may dress up in gear, then push a button to have the fire trucks built-in camera snap a pic.  Take a gander at these fun Photo Booth captures.  Good times had by all.

Sprouts thanksgiving c-birthday 355Company 77 Mobile Pizza-306IMG_8505IMG_8539IMG_8571IMG_8582IMG_8588IMG_8594


Finally, a great new option that Company 77 is rolling out is Fundraiser Parties.  Does your Southern California School need supplementary funding?  Who’s doesn’t these day.  Consider giving Company 77 a ring.   They give back to your school a minimum of 10% of its overall sales from an event to the PTA.  School donations run from $250 – $750 depending on the size of the event.  Hmmm, I could definitely see this fire truck at our schools carnival next March.

For more information about parties, fundraisers, or just to find out what the Mobile Pizza Unit is all about, please visit online, or give them a ring at 949.282.9178 .  Tell them Kathleen sent ya.

Have a great weekend friends,


I was provided a discount to throw a party with Company 77 Mobile Pizza Unit which facilitated this review. I did not receive additional compensation, all opinions expressed here are from yours truly. Our friends and family loved Company 77 and hope you do too. Peace out.


  1. We LOVE Company 77!!! Looks like your party was a BLAST! Isn’t it just the most fun concept EVER? Thanks for sharing your great photos! And, happy b-day to your little one!
    Jen {Tiny Oranges} recent posted..The Smurfs™ Holiday Gift Set Giveaway!

  2. Jane is with Jack says

    I love this idea. School fundrasing – how awesome would that be! Thank Kat!

  3. Wow! What a great idea for a party. Sounds like so much fun!! Love all of the pictures!

  4. I was looking at your site here very cooooool and was thinking you love photography and travel maybe this would interest you.

    Happy holidays
    Ronald Kenney recent posted..Bring your camera and Your Portfolio of your best work.

  5. Kirkpatrick family says

    Company 77 and Crew, have been at two of our parties… Now we will never have a party without big red. Frankly speaking Company 77 is our party, we just supply the pizza loving friends. Warm wishes to Peter Chris, and Barb.

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