Personal Photo Favorites Oct – Dec 2011

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Personal Photo Favorites July – Sept 2011

The summer months brought a change to my photography.  I slowed down.  Not in the sense of taking less photos, clinic or over checking aperture, treat shutter speed and ISO.  I learned that with each frame, pharm a photograph does not come from the camera, it comes from the minds-eye. I slowed down to let […]

Personal Photo Favorites April – June 2011

Honor Role Beauty Products 2011

Pin It Beauty Products. I love them.  Having a blog to share the finds, well,  that just floats my boat.  Some are old school, been using them forever, others are brand spanking new.  Without further adieu, here is my Honor Role Beauty Products 2011. Cosmetics   1. Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation talked about this […]

Grammie’s Parker House Dinner Rolls

  Grammie’s parents separated when she was a toddler.  Her mom, to support her only daughter, rented out rooms in their home to offer family income.  Grammie grew up as a pair of hands to help her Mom run their boarding home. She assisted in cooking two meals a day for their 1920′s boarders.  Below was […]

Christmas Morning Menu

Here is a peak at Sugar and Spice Headquarters Christmas Morning Menu. Enjoy and have a terrific Christmas Eve Friends.  We elves try to stick to the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup – Elf Cheese and Pancetta Breakfast Casserole   5.0 from 1 reviews Print Cheese and Pancetta Breakfast […]

Roll Out Cookie Recipe

  Here is a Roll Out Cookie Recipe. This one came from a Mommy I chased  down after tasting her classroom treats 10 years ago in Preschool classes for my oldest. She made them as lollipops, buy viagra sales a circle cookie with a stick in the side, then decorated to resemble a pink lolly. Thanks […]

Mini Session III; Twins

Remember the Perfect Pair Baby Shower last summer? Here is the result, cheap buy just in time for the holidays. Smooches to the new Mama and Dadda, malady and your perfect pair.

Christmakwanzakah GNO

We all have known one another for a quite a while. Jenna: our parents are best friends. Back in the day, click her mom and my mom would co-op childcare to get errands done. 42 years ago the OC was Orange Groves sans baby sitters. Jenna and I shared a playpen learning how to suck […]