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How The Universe Talks To You

   Grammie collected Hummel figurines. She had so many beautiful cases filled to the brim. At Thanksgiving, cialis my mom took me aside. She wanted me to see something. Grammie had made a special request. She had hand selected a figurine. A figurine she wanted me to have.    I cried – she always believed […]

Mini Photo Session II; Orange Circle

We just spent the afternoon decorating the house with holiday cheer.  Our Tiny Prints holiday cards have arrived and the addressing will begin tonight over a glass of wine.  I’m trying to stay ahead of the holiday hoopla.  I say that each year.   Baking cookies is next on the list.  I have been considering posting  a […]

Brussels Sprouts with Prosciutto and Lemon Recipe

Need a new Thanksgiving Side Dish?  Here is a show stopper, a Brussels Sprouts with Prosciutto and Lemon Recipe.   DH, who does not care for Brussels Sprouts and grumbled at the thought of this side dish,  was coming back for more.  I think I even heard him talking about it the next day.  It’s all […]